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The World Cup of Wrestling - US East Division

We're going to start this tournament off just like we do every sport. We're going to start in the East, then head out West. We have a couple of exciting teams here in the East Division, where groups represent New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the New England Region. We have a couple of All-Time Greats, and Hall of Famers sprinkled in here. Due to the country's area, this division is in; we have a fair share of extreme competitors. Let's see what we've got!


*TRIPLE H (Greenwich, CT) - WWE Hall of Famer, 14 Time WWE World Champion, Married Boss's Daughter

*JOHN CENA (West Newbury, MA) - 16 Time WWE World Champion, Doctor of Thugonomics

*KEVIN SULLIVAN (Boston, MA) - Former WCW Tag Team Champion, The Taskmaster

*PERRY SATURN (Boston, MA) - WWE European Champion, WCW Television Champion, loved a Mop

*SASHA BANKS (Boston, MA) - 6 Time WWE Women's Champion, NXT Women's Champion, 2 Time Women's Tag Team Champion, Legit Boss


*DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE (Jersey Shore) - WWE Hall of Famer, 3 Time WCW Champion, Master of the Diamond Cutter

*KING KONG BUNDY (Atlantic City) - Main Evented WrestleMania 2, Almost killed a Little Person at WrestleMania 3, Twice appeared on Married With Children

*BAM BAM BIGELOW (Asbury Park) - Former ECW Champion, Main Evented WrestleMania 11

*CHRIS CANDIDO (Asbury Park) - Former NWA World Champion, WWF Tag Team Champion, 3 Time ECW Tag Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion

*AJ LEE (Union City) - 3 Time WWE Diva's Champion, 3 Time PWI Woman of the Year Award Winner


*MICK FOLEY (Syosset) - WWE Hall of Famer, 3 Time WWE World Champion, TNA World Champion, was thrown off of Hell in a Cell, was thrown through Hell in a Cell twice

*TAZ (Red Hook) - 2 Time ECW World Champion, 2 Time FTW Champion, Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Miserable SOB

*TOMMY DREAMER (Yonkers) - 2 Time ECW World Champion, 14 Time WWE Hardcore Champion, Innovator of Violence, Owner of House of Hardcore

*RAVEN (The Bowery) - 2 Time ECW World Champion, Former NWA/TNA World Champion, Former WCW United States Champion, Record 27 Time WWE Hardcore Champion

*BETH PHOENIX (Buffalo) - WWE Hall of Famer, 3 Time WWE Women's Champion, Former WWE Diva's Champion, Current Color Analyst on NXT


*BRUNO SAMMARTINO (Pittsburgh) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWF World Champion (Totaling 4,040 Days)

*KURT ANGLE (Pittsburgh) - WWE Hall of Famer, TNA Hall of Famer, 6 Time WWE World Champion, Former WCW World Champion, 6 Time TNA World Champion, Former IWGP World Champion, Won Gold Medal at 1998 Olympics with a Broken Freakin Neck!

*SHANE DOUGLAS (Pittsburgh) - 4 Time ECW World Champion, Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former WCW United States Champion, Former NWA Champion where he told everyone that won the title before him to kiss his ass.

*THE SANDMAN (Philadelphia) - 5 Time ECW World Champion, Exit Light, Enter Night, Take My Hand, We're Off To Never Never Land!

*DR BRITT BAKER (Pittsburgh) - First Ever DMD in Pro Wrestling History, the Role Model of AEW, hates Tony Schiavone

We would have some fun potential matchups in this Pool! I would love to see some Extreme Tag Team Matches where you can put Dreamer & Raven vs. Douglas & Sandman, or even Bigelow & Candido. And with the Women, I feel like Beth Phoenix would get the advantage here. But overall, what a Grouping with all of the accolades and accomplishments of Phoenix, Sasha Banks, and AJ Lee, along with the potential Britt Baker!

As much as I would love to be a "Homer" here and say New Jersey runs away with this in a landslide, I don't see them doing much damage in this Pool. And the same could be said with New York. Not that there isn't a TON of talent on those two teams, but with Bruno Sammartino and Kurt Angle on one squad, and Triple H and John Cena on another, it seems like Pennsylvania and New England will be the Favorites to Advance.

With no real Wrestling format or formula for matches to decide who wins, I will give this Group to Pennsylvania. They have a complete squad out of these four teams. But man, you got 20 Wrestlers here that would put on some entertaining matches against each other to see who's the better team! Sammartino vs. Cena! Triple H and Foley always had epic matches! And you know what? I'll take Raven vs. Saturn as well! The Flock explodes!

PICK: PENNSYLVANIA (Sammartino, Angle, Douglas, Sandman, Baker)

So we're just getting started here! Lots of Divisions still to talk about to see who will be crowned the All-Time World Cup Champions! Stay tuned to for the next World Cup Article!

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