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The World Cup of Wrestling - International Final

There’s a LOT of Heritage here in the International Final aspect of this tournament. A lot of Proud Traditions and Legacies. Japan, Mexico, and Canada (specifically with the Hart Family and Stampede Wrestling) are all Huge contributors to the History of Professional Wrestling. So it only makes sense that you take those Three Storied Cultures and pair them with a Present Day International Team that, I'm sure, was heavily inspired by the Wrestlers in this Group. This should make for an Amazing Showdown!!! Let’s Recap the teams that earned their way to the All-Time World Cup Tournament International Championship Round.

JAPAN (Group A Winner)

*ANTONIO INOKI (Tokyo) - WWE Hall of Famer, WCW Hall of Famer, NJPW Greatest Wrestler (Hall of Fame), Former IWGP World Champion, Unrecognized Former WWE World Champion

*THE GREAT MUTA (Land of the Rising Sun) - Former 4 Time IWGP World Champion, Former NWA World Champion, Original Mist-Spitter

*JUSHIN LIGER (Tokyo) - WWE Hall of Famer, 11 Time IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, Former WCW LightHeavyweight Champion

*SHINSUKE NAKAMURA (Kyoto) - 3 Time IWGP World Champion, 2 Time NXT Champion, Unified IWGP World Championship with IWGP 3rd Belt Championship and NWF Heavyweight Championship, Enjoys Good Vibrations

*ASUKA (Osaka) - 3 Time WWE Women’s Champion, Unbeaten Former NXT Women’s Champion, PWI Woman of the Year, Nobody is ready for her

MEXICO (Group B Winner)

*EDDIE GUERRERO (El Paso, TX) - WWE Hall of Famer, AAA Hall of Famer, Former WWE World Champion, Lies, Cheats, Steals

*MIL MASCARAS (San Luis Potosi) - WWE Hall of Famer, NWA Hall of Famer, The Man of a Thousand Masks, apparently still owes JBL Money

*TITO SANTANA (Tecula) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former ECW Champion, Part-time BullFighter, ARRIBA!

*JUVENTUD GUERRERA (Mexico City) - 5 Time WWE/WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Former AAA Cruiserweight Champion, Former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, Not just Mexican, but Mexi-Cool!!!

*THUNDER ROSA (Tijuana) - Former NWA Women’s Championship, Former Lucha Underground Trios Champion, hates Dentists


*BRET HART (Calgary) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, 5 Time WWE World Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time PWI Feud of the Year Winner, 3 Time PWI Match of the Year Winner, Best there Is, Was and Ever Will Be, wants to stick an Enima in Pittsburgh

*OWEN HART (Calgary) - Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, PWI Rookie of the Year Winner

*CHRIS JERICHO (Winnipeg) - First Ever Undisputed World Champion in Pro Wrestling History (defeated The Rock and Stone Cold in the Same Night!), 4 Time WWE World Champion, First-Ever AEW World Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, PWI Feud of the Decade Winner, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, List Maker, Pain Maker, Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla, Enjoys Cruises, Hates Stupid Idiots

*KENNY OMEGA (Winnipeg) - AEW World Champion, Former IWGP World Champion, AAA Mega Champion, First-Ever Non-Japanese Wrestler to Win G1 Climax, First-Ever IWGP United States Champion, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, 2 Time PWI Match of the Year Winner, does a “Thing.”

*NATALYA (Calgary) - 2 Time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion, 2 Time Stampede Women’s Wrestling Champion, First-Ever Female Graduate of Stu Hart’s Dungeon, Winningest Women’s Wrestler in WWE History, Life Inspired by a Cat named Two-Paws, BOAT

INTERNATIONAL 2010s (Group D Winner)

*MIRO (Bulgaria) - 3 Time WWE United States Champion, claimed National Recognition after Defeating Randy Orton in 10 Seconds by having a day named after him, The Best Man of AEW

*CESARO (Lucerne, Switzerland) - Former WWE United States Champion, 7 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, First-Ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, WWE’s Swing Man

*SAMI ZAYN (Montreal, Canada) - Former NXT Champion, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former RoH TV Champion, 2 Time PWG Champion, former lead singer of a Ska Band.

*WALTER (Vienna, Austria) - NXT UK Champion, Former Progress Unified Champion, Former PWG Champion, leaves his Enormous Hand Prints on People’s Chests

*RHEA RIPLEY (Adelaide, Australia) - Former NXT Women’s Champion, First-Ever NXT UK Women’s Champion, First Woman to Defend an NXT Championship at WrestleMania, this is her Brutality

Right off the bat, the first thing I want is Bret Hart vs. Eddie Guerrero! That’s probably a Dream Match on Everyone’s List! I'm sure a Dream Match for Sami Zayn would be to be paired against Owen Hart. So we’ll add that one to the list. We can have a Legends Match with Mil Mascaras and Antonio Inoki. Kenny Omega is famous in Japan, so let’s give him Muta back in Muta’s Prime. That’s, at the very least, a 16 Star Match! Promos between Jericho and Miro would be hysterical, so pair them up! We’ll go Old School WCW Cruiserweight Championship-style and put Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Juventud Gurerra! For fun, how about Former Tag Team Champions facing off against each other as Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro throw down. For the women, let’s just let them go in a Fatal 4 Way! Asuka, Ripley, Nattie, and Thunder Rosa will tear it down! All of this, unfortunately, leaves Tito Santana to get slapped around by Walter. Umph. Sorry, Tito.

I don't judge these groups' winners by the Matchups I feel would be fun to match! Those matches are just me looking at the teams and pairing them off. There would have to be an Equal Formula to make sure that every team faces every team, and I don't know if I did that right. So, just by looking at the team members, I feel like the Best Team in this (with all due respect to the other teams) is Canada. It seems like that team was built for this tournament and represented the World in the Final against the United States.

PICK: WESTERN CANADA (B.Hart, O.Hart, Jericho, Omega, Natalya)

So that will Wrap up the International Championship Round, and Western Canada takes the all-important step to Winning the AllTime World Cup Championship. Do you agree? Let me know! In the next and last installment of this series, we go over the All-Time World Cup Final! Follow to make sure you don't miss out on how the tournament concludes!

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