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The World Cup of Wrestling - World Cup FInal

HERE WE ARE!!!! IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages, proudly brings to you the All-Time Greatest Team Championship of the WOOOOOORRRRLLLLLDDDDDD!!!! The Lone Star State! The Hart Family Dungeon! THE WORLD! CUP! FINNNAAAALLLL!!!!!

What started at 32 is now down to Two! Texas and Western Canada ran through their respective Gauntlets and will directly compete in the All-Time World Cup of Wrestling Championship Final! This matchup is very reminiscent of Canadian Stampede, where the Hart Foundation battled Steve Austin and a group of guys sick of the Harts. So I'm getting that feeling, ya know? The Hart Foundation got the when back in 1997. Let's see what happens here! Once again, here are the teams competing for the World Cup Honor!

TEXAS (United States Winner)

*STEVE AUSTIN (Victoria) - WWE Hall of Famer, 6 Time WWE World Champion, 3 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, Raises Hell, Drinks Beer, Likes to Stomp Mud Holes in People’s Asses then proceed to Walk them Dry

*UNDERTAKER (Houston) - Former 7 Time WWE World Champion, 30 Year Tenure in WWE, Holds Numerous WrestleMania Records including a 21 Match Win Streak, He’ll Make You Famous

*SHAWN MICHAELS (San Antonio) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, 4 Time WWE World Champion, PWI Feud of the Decade, PWI Match of the Decade, Lost his Smile once, Wasn't a Nice Guy, then Found Jesus.

*BOOKER T (Houston) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE World Champion, 5 Time 5 Time 5 Time 5 Time 5 Time WCW Champion, Former King of the Ring, Tell him you didn't just say that.

*JACQUELINE (Dallas) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Women’s Champion, Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Pretty Mean Sista!

WESTERN CANADA (International Winner)

*BRET HART (Calgary) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, 5 Time WWE World Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time PWI Feud of the Year Winner, 3 Time PWI Match of the Year Winner, Best there Is, Was and Ever Will Be, wants to stick an Enima in Pittsburgh

*OWEN HART (Calgary) - Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, PWI Rookie of the Year Winner

*CHRIS JERICHO (Winnipeg) - First Ever Undisputed World Champion in Pro Wrestling History (defeated The Rock and Stone Cold in the Same Night!), 4 Time WWE World Champion, First-Ever AEW World Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, PWI Feud of the Decade Winner, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, List Maker, Pain Maker, Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla, Enjoys Cruises, Hates Stupid Idiots

*KENNY OMEGA (Winnipeg) - AEW World Champion, Former IWGP World Champion, AAA Mega Champion, First-Ever Non-Japanese Wrestler to Win G1 Climax, First-Ever IWGP United States Champion, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, 2 Time PWI Match of the Year Winner, does a “Thing.”

*NATALYA (Calgary) - 2 Time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion, 2 Time Stampede Women’s Wrestling Champion, First-Ever Female Graduate of Stu Hart’s Dungeon, Winningest Women’s Wrestler in WWE History, Life Inspired by a Cat named Two-Paws, BOAT

I guess this one, we can set matches to see who wins. And with these two specific, a few matches have already happened, so we can kinda go off those matches to make sure the Correct Winner is Predicted!

We’ll start with The Undertaker vs. Owen Hart. The only match I found where these two wrestled one on one was on Raw back in May of 1996. Undertaker hit the Tombstone for the win back then; I'm sure he’d do it again in this. I can't see anyway Owen gets one past the Dead Man here. Winner: The Undertaker (TEX-1 WCAN-0)

With the women, we have an interesting match. I think we have two very equal women here in a very evenly contested match between Natalya and Jacqueline. Both are athletic and have decent power. They’re in two different generations, so I don't have any actual matches to reference. So, to me, it's hard not to give this to Natalya. She’s the wrestling technician here, and if this is kept a wrestling match while she weather’s a few highly physical moves from Jackie, I just can't see this ending any other way than Jackie tapping to a Sharpshooter. Winner: Natalya (WCAN-1 TEX-1)

Now we have Booker T vs. Chris Jericho. Evenly matched contest. Both guys with Storied Histories and Numerous Title Reigns. From what I've been able to find, they've crossed paths six times in One on One matchups. Two of the matches were thrown out due to outside interference (once on Nitro in the late 90s, once on Raw in March 2003). They fought in a Champion vs. Champion Matchup on Thunder in 1998, where Jericho got himself intentionally DQed. So I guess we can throw those matches out. On Smackdown during the Invasion in 2001, Jericho got the clean win over Booker to successfully defend the WCW World Championship. But, In January of 1999 on Nitro, Booker T got the win clean on Jericho via the Missile Drop Kick. And then again, Booker bested Jericho clean in November 2003 with a Crucifix Pin. Knee-jerk reaction, I guess cause we still have Jericho present day, and we all love him, was to pick Jericho. But it just seems over time, Booker T is the one who usually gets his hand raised in victory. Winner: Booker T (TEX-2 WCAN-1)

In the Captain vs. Captain Match, we have one of the All-Time Greatest Rivalries in WWE History! Two Contrasting styles from two guys who HATE each other. I believe Austin said that if you put the letter “S” in front of the word “Hitman,” that’s what he thinks about Bret Hart! They have fought twice on Major PPVs back in the late 90s. And on both occasions (96 Survivor Series, WrestleMania 13), Bret got the Win. It seems like the Hitman has the Rattle Snake’s number. So I have to go with him on this one. Look for another All-Time Classic from these two, though. Never once have these two ever failed to produce a Great Match! Winner: Bret Hart (WCAN-2 TEX-2)

In the Main Event to decide it all, in MOTHER OF ALL DREAM MATCHES, the All-Time World Cup Tournament Championship comes down to this!!!! HERE WE GO!!!! We have “The Heartbreak Kid,” Shawn Michaels squaring off against “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega! HO-LY CRAP!!!! Someone, please make sure Uncle Dave is sitting down before he reads this! He might pass out! First, with Kenny, I think he’s pretty straight forward in this. He’s a machine in the ring, and he wins. He’s been this way for years now in both New Japan and now in AEW, where he’s currently altering the course of Professional Wrestling as we know it. Kenny Omega will go down as one of the All-Time Greats, and everyone will look to 2020 Kenny Omega as a guy who Changed and (in some people’s opinion) Saved Wrestling, much like Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. Shawn is a little more complex cause which Shawn Michaels are we getting here in this? Pre Four Year Layoff Shawn or Post Four Year Layoff Shawn? Because they are two totally different people. Both Shawn’s are arguably the Greatest In-Ring Performers of All Time. Shawn didn't lose that when he came back from his back injury. But what Shawn did lose was his Killer Attitude. So if this is Omega vs. 2003 Shawn Michaels and beyond, then Kenny gets the win. If I want the Best Version of Shawn Michaels to compete on my team, I was the 1998 and Before Shawn Michaels. That Shawn Michaels was a Winner! That Shawn Michaels ran Pro Wrestling. And if that’s the Shawn Michaels that’s competing in this Tournament, then that’s who I'm taking. In a 45 Minute Match for the Ages…. Winner: Shawn Michaels (TEX-3 WCAN-2)

So that will do it! It is Official (in my mind, anyway) that the Lone Star State, the Great State of Texas, is the winner of the All-Time World Cup! Texas always says that Everything’s Bigger there. Now they can also say that they’ve produced the Best Wrestlers in Pro Wrestling History!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series! I personally enjoyed putting it together for you! Hopefully, something new and fun emerges in my noggin where I can put together another series of Fantasy Booking for everyone to read! Thank you to for sharing these articles! And as always, we wish you the Best in All your Future Endeavours.


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