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The World Cup of Wrestling - International Division D

I ran out of Countries, so I had to get creative with this one. But I think you’ll like what I put together! I took the remaining Wrestlers from around the World whose country didn't have enough representatives, along with the Wrestlers whose country is Stacked and did not qualify for the team, and grouped them by Decade! These Decade Teams will make up the Remaining Pool in this Tournament! Let’s see who we got!


*ANDRE THE GIANT (Grenoble, French Alps) - First Ever WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE World Champion, Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time PWI Match of the Year, 8th Wonder of the World, Leaves No Survivors

*IRON SHEIK (Tehran, Iran) - WWE Hall of Famer, NWA Hall of Famer, Former WWE World Champion, Thinks Hulk Hogan is a Jabroni

*JIMMY SNUKA (Fiji Islands) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time NWA/ECW World Champion, PWI Match of the Year, Sored off a Steel Cage at Madison Square Garden

*DINO BRAVO (Montreal, Canada) - First and Only WWF Canadian Champion, Former WWWF Tag Team Champion, Former NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Bench Pressed 715lbs to be known as The World’s Strongest Man


*HAKU (Isle of Tonga) - Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Former WCW Hardcore Champion, defeated Jim Duggan to become King of the Ring, Proud Member of Heenan Family

*HAKUSHI (Japan) - Characterized by sporting Buddhist Shakyo written all over his skin, in reference to Japanese folk character Hoichi the Earless

*KONNAN (Mexico City, Mexico) - Former WCW United States Champion, 2 Time NWA/TNA Tag Team Champion, Yo Yo Yo let him speak on this...

*EARTHQUAKE (Vancouver, Canada) - Former WWE Tag Team Champion, PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year, Former NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Carried around a Cartman Stuffed Doll

*BULL NAKANO (Kawaguchi, Japan) - Former WWE Women’s Champion, Former All Japan Women’s Champion, Former CMLL Women’s Champion


*WILLIAM REGAL (Blackpool, England) - 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 4 Time WWE European Champion, General Manager of NXT, A Real Man’s Man

*SANTINO MARELLA (San Fili, Italy) - Won WWE Intercontinental Championship in WWE Debut Match, Former WWE United States Champion, His Sister, Santina, is the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal, Winner

*KAI EN TAI (Japan) - Tried to “Choppy Choppy” Val Venis’s “Pee Pee.” Evil! Indeed!

*ANGELINA LOVE (Toronto, Canada) - 6 Time TNA Knockout’s Champion, Former RoH Women’s World Champion, 2 Time TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Champion, a Beautiful Person


*MIRO (Bulgaria) - 3 Time WWE United States Champion, claimed National Recognition after Defeating Randy Orton in 10 Seconds by having a day named after him, The Best Man of AEW

*CESARO (Lucerne, Switzerland) - Former WWE United States Champion, 7 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, First-Ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, WWE’s Swing Man

*SAMI ZAYN (Montreal, Canada) - Former NXT Champion, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former RoH TV Champion, 2 Time PWG Champion, former lead singer of a Ska Band.

*WALTER (Vienna, Austria) - NXT UK Champion, Former Progress Unified Champion, Former PWG Champion, leaves his Enormous Hand Prints on People’s Chests

*RHEA RIPLEY (Adelaide, Australia) - Former NXT Women’s Champion, First-Ever NXT UK Women’s Champion, First Woman to Defend an NXT Championship at WrestleMania, this is her Brutality

For whatever reason, the First thing that came to mind when thinking of possible Matchups is Andre the Giant vs. Walter, and I got so excited! We would also have a legit slugfest between Miro (he should be Rusev here because he wasn't Miro until 2020, but whatever) and Haku! That would be fun! Santino Marella vs. Earthquake would be an entertaining squash! I would be intrigued with an Iron Sheik vs. William Regal match as well! Maybe Dino Bravo and Cesaro would have a Strong Man competition instead of wrestling? Sami Zayn vs. Hakushi might be the Match Stealer in this group, though! This grouping has some very intriguing Matchups! More than meets the eye here!

It’s interesting to see the progress of International Wrestling throughout the decades. I legit struggled to find International stars in the 90s and 2000s. And the 80s team doesn't have a Female Representative. But nowadays, there’s an overload! I know the 80s team have Andre and Sheiky-Baby, and they’d probably win their respective matches in this over the 90s team and 2000s team, but the International “Flavor” of Present-Day Wrestling is Top Notch. It would be fun to be nostalgic and advance the 1980s team here, but I just can't.

PICK: INTERNATIONAL 2010s (Miro, Cesaro, Zayn, Walter, Ripley)

So this is the last piece to the International “Puzzle” in this Tournament! For the past 9 Articles, we have gone through 32 Teams representing 16 States & Regions, 11 Countries, and 4 Decades of International Wrestlers, and we have whittled it down to Eight Teams Remaining! In the next article here on, we circle back to the United States Pool and see the Four Teams compete to Represent the US in the All-Time World Cup Tournament Final! See you then!

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