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Washingtons' WR Antonio Gandy-Golden Quotes 4/25/20


On waiting for a call during the draft:

“The process was pretty easy, just chilling with some family and friends and things like that. But you know, it’s a long, long process. It’s kind of hard waiting so long, but I’m super excited the Redskins got me and I’m ready to go.”

On his senior season:

“I think it just opened me up to a lot more teams, allowed a lot more teams to see that I was capable of doing more than the previous years. I overall just improved my stock.”

On the difference in his game from 2018 to 2019:

“Of course, I got more yards this year and I really attribute that to my coaches. Just the different techniques they taught me and just allowed me to open up more in the past year.”

On having fewer drops in 2019:

“Honestly, we got a new receiver coach. He came in and really emphasized the jugs machine with us every day. We had a lot of great catching drills we would do. Honestly, just paying attention to the small things [and] being on the jugs machine helped a lot.”

On what he’ll add to the current wide receiver group on the roster:

“For sure. I think I can take the roof off, but also just being able to be physical in the run game and also in the pass game with my blocking, being able to high-point the ball and bringing my secure hands with me.”

On when he knew the Redskins were interested in him:

“I honestly had not talked to them too much. I think it was more my agent, but they had showed interest early. I’m a local guy, technically, so I feel like I was always kind of on their radar. They reached out to me early and there was kind of a pause from there, and today they picked me up.”

On whether the team had given him any indication on how he’d be used:

“Nope, not really. Not really.”

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