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Washingtons' DE James Smith-Williams Quotes 4/25/20


On how he views himself as a player:

“So, definitely a traditional 4-3 defensive end. I was a little out of position last year in college with the head-up technique. But now I’ll be back to the edges, so I’m excited for that.”

On how his positions in college fit him:

“For me, it gives me a chance to attack. I’m a guy used to getting up the field, using my speed on tackles, speed-to-power hand usage, stuff like that. Just giving me a chance to attack the edge, be head-up, taking on a lot more double teams to kind of beat you up a little bit more.”

On what led him to stick with football after completing a prestigious internship with IBM:

“Yeah, I mean I just love it. I think that’s the easiest explanation I can give you. I just really love playing football. I love the competitiveness of it. Obviously, I’m thankful for IBM and what they offered me off the field, in that regard. My true love is football, so it’s a blessing to be able to keep playing.”

On what his focus is for training camp:

“So, I’d say the biggest thing is just being in shape with everything going on right now, the craziness. So without a doubt, I just look forward to competing. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I know there are a lot of talented guys, a lot of great athletes, so it’s exciting to throw my name in that mix. We’ll hopefully win some games, a lot of games.”

On what stands out about his game:

“In terms of on the field? Pass rushing and definitely setting edges is something I do well at.”

On whether his college injury changed him in any way:

“You know, I had the one major ankle surgery in 2016. For me, it just allowed me to get the appreciation for the game. You kind of understand taking care of your body and what that entails.”

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