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Buccaneers' WR Scotty Miller Quotes 8.30.20


(On how training camp has been for him and developing chemistry with QB Tom Brady)

"I think it's been good so far – been really good. Like I told you guys last time, just a lot more confident in myself than I was last year. I think me and Tom have been able to build a good chemistry on the field. I think he knows where I'm going to be at, I know where he wants me to be, so I think it's been good. It's been a good start, but we just have to keep working as a whole offense just to keep getting better."

(On Brady calling him 'Scooter' and if anyone has given him that nickname before)

"Here and there, yeah – along the way. But, I think he's really drove that one home. C.G. (Chris Godwin) used to call me that last year, but I think Tom's really driven it home and that's my name from him. It's been good – it's funny."

(On strengthening his hamstrings in an effort to say healthy for an entire season)

"That was one of the biggest things for me. That was probably the biggest focus for me this offseason, just getting both of my hamstrings healthy and ready to go to stay healthy for an entire season and training camp. I think rest played a big part, just letting them finally get back to normal. Last year was crazy [with] the draft process. As a rookie, you never really get time to sit back and give your body time to heal. I think that played a big part. Then, just my strength staff helping me out with it, A.P. (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Anthony Piroli) and then our training staff, as well, and our sports science crew. Then, really, Tom [Brady] coming in and helping me – he's been able to stay healthy for so long in his career, so picking up little things from him. Stuff like that was a big focus for me. Like you said, knock on wood – hopefully I can continue to stay healthy. That's going to be one of the main goals for myself."

(On the feeling of knowing a long-distance pass is headed his direction)

"It's great. Pre-snap, I usually have a good idea if I'm going to get the ball or not. If I see the safety creeping down or whatever the look may be – so, then I get a little excited for sure. Then, Tom [Brady] does a great job seeing it as well, so usually we're on the same page and usually I know when it's coming my way. He does a great job with the deep ball – makes it extremely catchable for us. One thing I noticed is it's just such a clean spiral and it just really goes straight up and comes straight down. It's just easy for us to see and easy for us to catch. I think we've done a good job hitting the deep ball this camp, but we just have to continue to work on that because those are big plays in games that you don't get too many opportunities. So, you have to take advantage when you get the look from the defense. You've got to hit it and capitalize."

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