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Buccaneers RB Raymond Calais Quotes 8.31.20


(On where the biggest transition to the NFL has been for him)

"I think the biggest transition for me is definitely the play speed. Just from watching the vets practice as fast as they did, it was kind of shocking because I was coming from college and everything was kind of slow-paced. But now, this is like rapid fire. The first few days I had to get my feet wet [and] kind of get adjusted, but it's been about a month and I think everything is going well so far."

(On if he has received advice from QB Tom Brady)

"I remember the first couple of days whenever the rookies and quarterbacks reported, Tom was really helpful, just telling us where to be, how to practice – just to always do the little things right. Those little things are going to make us better in the long run. I think Tom has been really helpful coaching us and keeping us sharp."

(On learning from RB LeSean McCoy)

"Shady (McCoy) has been really, really helpful. You can tell he's a 12-year vet. He brings the energy, and even in the meeting rooms, he's really smart. He knows how to read a defense and he's always willing to help. For me, personally, I like to watch Shady, 'Ro' (Ronald Jones II) and Dare [Ogunbowale] just to get those mental reps [and] to watch [those] guys. Hopefully, one day I want to be in their position. Shady has been really, really helpful."

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