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Wisconsin's Paul Chryst Postgame Quotes vs. Wisconsin

Opening Statement: Appreciate and proud of the effort our players put in. Obviously did a lot of things to beat a really good team. A well-coached team. I like the way the guys approached it all week and then they took advantage of the game day opportunity. It took a lot of guys. A lot of guys put it out there and a great example is Faion Hicks on the first defensive snap. It kind of summarizes the game of football. You don't know what's going to happen, you just gotta keep playing it; obviously tracks 'em down and ends up being a take-away.

Different guys had to step in and step up, and I loved the way they competed. I'm proud of (them), that's what you're proud of. It took every unit, offense, defense, special teams and takes a lot of guys in it. It was a good team win.

Paul, when you go for it on fourth down in your own territory on the opening drive, how much of that is spur of the moment or how much is confidence in short yardage, how much is wanting to send a message that you're going to be aggressive?

CHRYST: It's probably all the above. You guys probably know me well enough, sending messages … it's what you think is best for your team. Felt good with it. Certainly you feel good with a plan, but you feel good with your team to do those and that's just — that's really the easy part. The hard part is guys making them work, and I thought guys actually did and made those work.

Jack Coan had another good day, ran for a couple scores. Has he been what you thought he could be through three games when you saw him all last season and in fall camp?

CHRYST: Yeah. I think one of his best traits as a quarterback is his willingness to compete. I thought he did that unbelievably well. He gave guys chances to make plays, and our guys believe in him, and they appreciate who he is and they know why he does all that he does and that's for them.

There is not one guy on this team and Jack included than can't keep working and getting better, but I thought it was a pretty good picture of why our guys appreciate him so much.

Jim Leonhard was talking about the defense the other day. He said, it's not about scheme, it's not about X's and O's. It's about execution. I know it's early, but did you anticipate the defense would be this tough to move the ball against for teams?

CHRYST: Certainly, you know, I think kind of trying to go through that whole question, I think what Jimmy is saying is what we believe here. Our job as coaches is to give our guys a scheme and something that gives them a chance and they've got to make it come to life. Each game, heck, each play you're always tested on it.

It's hard, when you ask are you surprised? Because you are tested in so many different ways. Yet I think what Jimmy was talking about, they do love to play, and they do appreciate each other. That's what makes this group a fun group to coach. They have great leadership and really on both sides of the ball. This is something you can appreciate. You can't define who you are until the season ends. This was a one day, one opportunity. There are things we did well we can build on, and things we can clean up, and that's what I like about the group, too; they know that, and they're hungry for that.

Paul, how important was that first drive, get the ball, convert on fourth down, get a touchdown and set a tone?

CHRYST: You don't know, because you don't know how the game would have gone if you didn't. But anytime you can start offensively scoring and defensively stopping them, those are really good ways to start. I think our guys had good confidence in each other. Anytime you start a game, you don't know about the opponent. I'm not saying you feel them out, you can't go into the game that way, but you don't know, and anytime you can execute and make plays and go, obviously that's helpful, and it's needed if you're going to beat a good team.

Jonathan Taylor had that long touchdown run in the first quarter and then missed the second with some cramps. With how durable he's been, was that surprising to you that he had to miss some time, and how do you think the offense kind of picked him up?

CHRYST: Yeah, you know, I was proud of the way guys stepped in and guys continued to play. Certainly this isn't cutting edge: we're a better offense with J.T., yet I thought it was really good. I didn't get any sense that we had to change anything, change the approach and guys made plays when he wasn't going. It was great to get him back in and get him going. That's what it's going to take. That's a scenario we are continuing to work on and improve.

We are fortunate to have a back like J.T., everyone knows that. But if we're going to be the best offense we can be, it's going to take a lot more than that. I thought guys stepped in and stepped up. And I'm not just talking about the running backs, all across the board it was good.

Seems like today the motivation of your team stood out. Where do you think this team got so motivated to play this season so far?

CHRYST: I think they really like playing the game. I think they get that these opportunities are limited when you get a chance to go out and compete against really good teams, and that's fun. I think, too, really good leadership, really proud of that and impressed with it, so I like this team.

I like them for a lot of reasons. But I think the big thing is they do like playing the game, and they know to give ourselves the best chance you gotta play all in. They're doing that and they know, too, it takes everyone. It's an unselfish group, and I think that starts with some of our very best players who are incredibly unselfish.

I like what we have done to this point and there are areas we can keep working to improving, but I like this team.

You guys scored on that sneak by Jack Coan with Jason Erdmann and David Moorman on the right-hand side, and he went left. Was it designed to catch Michigan off guard or did he see the seam there and made that play on his own?

CHRYST: The guys did a good job. We had a timeout before, so you had a chance to kind of — we have been in the formation before, so guys up front — and really the players kind of assessed accurately where it should go.

You mentioned earlier that when J.T. was out you didn't feel as if you needed to change your approach. After the two ejections did you feel that you had to change your approach significantly?

CHRYST: Yeah, that's a tough one. Two ejections at the same position, and yet kind of like I talked about earlier with Faion, a great example to our team how you've got to keep playing the game. It's also a great example that you don't know when your number is going to be called and it happened fast. And appreciate Collin (Wilder) and (Tyler) Mais was there and Torch (John Torchio) got in and they needed to because we needed them. It was unique, though. I can't say I've been around it but that's a great lesson for everyone, and I thought they were ready and that's what I appreciate from those kids, they are ready. When it comes, they're able to contribute.

The running game found a lot of success today. Is there anything schematically that was working for you guys to find so much success?

CHRYST: I think certainly I appreciate our coaches and putting the game plan together. I will always maintain that's our job and it's the players that make it come to life and I thought they did that.

Paul, we saw Jack Coan use his mobility today, the long touchdown run and a couple of draws and the designed roll out. Is that something you want to continue using, his ability to move around the pocket more?

CHRYST: Yeah. I mean, our scramble draw looked a lot better than our called draw.

(Laughter.) I don't know. Whenever we need to do.

Are you trying to set a record for getting the most pounds on the field out of the offense? What do you call that and how do you think it did?

CHRYST: We slowly got to where we wanted to be, right? It worked. We tested a lot of — we had the first — the fourth down I think was that and then on the goal line a couple of times. Had a lot of goal line snaps. It's a good defense and some of the things you do you need to change the math a little bit. I think we had to use all that we had really to prepare against them, but it was good today, I think.

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