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The World Cup Of Wrestling - US West Division

WEST SIIIIIIDE!!!!! (Sorry!) In the Last of the 4 United States Pools, we are out West! A lot of All Time and Current Greats are here! Four Teams are listed. And although two of them are pretty decent, we probably have two of the Most Stacked Teams in this Tournament and Two Serious Contenders to Winning this whole thing! Let's take a look at the teams…..


*HULK HOGAN (Venice Beach) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, Former 6 Time WWE World Champion, Former 6 Time WCW Champion, Former IWGP World Champion, 3 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, Trains, Takes his Vitamins, Says his Prayers, and is True to Himself and his Country… BROTHER!

*STING (Venice Beach) - WWE Hall of Famer, TNA Hall of Famer, 6 Time WCW World Champion, Former NWA World Champion, 5 Time NWA/TNA World Champion, PWI Wrestler of the Year, enjoys sitting by himself in Rafters of Arenas

*REY MYSTERIO (San Diego) - AAA Hall of Famer, 3 Time WWE World Champion, 8 Time Cruiserweight Champion, Lost an Eye in a match against Seth Rollins

*KEN SHAMROCK (Sacramento) - UFC Hall of Famer, Impact Hall of Famer, First-Ever NWA/TNA World Champion, First-Ever UFC Superfight Champion, World's Most Dangerous Man

*RONDA ROUSEY (Santa Monica) - UFC Hall of Famer, Former WWE Raw Women's Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist, Main Evented WrestleMania 35, Doesn't Give a Damn about her Bad Reputation


*HARLEY RACE (Kansas City) - WWE Hall of Famer, NWA Hall of Famer, WCW Hall of Famer, Former 8 Time NWA World Champion, 2 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, Former King of WWE

*RANDY ORTON (St Louis) - Former 14 Time WWE World Champion, Unified WWE and World Championships, 3rd Generation Wrestler, 2 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, Legend Killer, Arsonist

*BUTCH REED (Kansas City) - The Natural, Former WCW Tag Champion as a Member of Doom, Enjoys Kissing His Biceps

*BARON CORBIN (Kansas City) - Former WWE United States Champion, Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, Current King of the Ring, Self Proclaimed "Lone Wolf" that needs Knights.


*DANIEL BRYAN (Aberdeen, WA) - Former 5 Time WWE World Champion, Former RoH World Champion, PWI Wrestler of the Year, Loves the Environment

*KEN PATERA (Portland, OR) - Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former US Olympian

*GREG VALENTINE (Seattle, WA) - WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former NWA North American Champion, The Blues to Honky Tonk Man's Rhythm.

*DARBY ALLIN (Seattle, WA) - AEW TNT Champion, Likes to Skateboard with Tony Hawk and do Jackass Stunts with Steve-O, likes to sit in the Uecker Seats by himself to watch Dynamite

*TORI (Portland, OR) - Former LPWA Champion, Former Member of D-Generation X, Challenged for WWE Women's Championship at WrestleMania, dated Kane, and didn't die (RIP Katie Vick)


*STEVE AUSTIN (Victoria) - WWE Hall of Famer, 6 Time WWE World Champion, 3 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, Raises Hell, Drinks Beer, Likes to Stomp Mud Holes in People's Asses then proceed to Walk them Dry

*UNDERTAKER (Houston) - Former 7 Time WWE World Champion, 30 Year Tenure in WWE, Holds Numerous WrestleMania Records including a 21 Match Win Streak, He'll Make You Famous

*SHAWN MICHAELS (San Antonio) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, 4 Time WWE World Champion, PWI Feud of the Decade, PWI Match Decade, Lost his Smile once, Wasn't a Nice Guy, then Found Jesus.

*BOOKER T (Houston) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE World Champion, 5 Time 5 Time 5 Time 5 Time WCW Champion, Former King of the Ring, Tell him you didn't just say that.

*JACQUELINE (Dallas) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Women's Champion, Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Pretty Mean Sista!

So California and Texas are the two teams I was talking about! Holy Crap! We'll get to them in a second. But as a whole, we have a lot of Very Good potential Match-ups here. We finally would get Austin vs. Hogan! Or Sting vs. the Undertaker! But how about a Daniel Bryan vs. Harley Race match? Ken Shamrock vs. Butch Reed, Baron Corbin vs. Booker T, Rey Mysterio vs. Darby Allin all possibilities as well. And you can take your pick pairing up Randy Orton with any one of the guys in this Pool!

Picking a Winner out of California and Texas is tough. But the nod is going to go with Texas. Ronda Rousey will get them a win. For the sake of avoiding an argument, let's say that Hogan and Sting against Austin and Undertaker are going to cancel themselves out, so 1 Win a Piece there. This puts this Pool on Mysterio and Shamrock's backs to get it done against Michaels and Booker T, and I can't see that happening. This is as close as you can get!

PICK: TEXAS (Austin, Undertaker, Michaels, Booker T, Jacqueline)

So that will do it for the US Regional action! We now have four teams ready to compete to Represent "Old Glory" in the World Cup Final! Go to to check out past articles to see who Texas will be competing against. And stay tuned for more Articles coming your way as we begin the World side of the action!


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