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The World Cup Of Wrestling - US South Division

Southern Wrestling has always had its presence in Pro Wrestling since way back to the Territory Days. A lot of storied histories in with the NWA, WCW, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, plus many, many more that I'm not aware of. So with all of that back then, it led to a lot of children watching and growing up into some of the Greatest Wrestlers of All Time! Many Hall of Famers in the Bracket with some stacked teams! Let's take a look at the South Side of the World Cup Tournament and some of the Amazing All Time Talent it has produced!


*AJ STYLES (Gainesville) - 2 Time WWE World Champion, 2 Time IWGP World Champion, 5 Time NWA/TNA World Champion, First Ever TNA X-Division Champion, 3 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, was upset Randy Orton received WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania by committing Arson.

*GOLDBERG (Atlanta) - WWE Hall of Famer, 3 Time WWE World/Universal Champion, Former WCW World Champion, always looking for Who’s Next, Loves inhaling Pyro Smoke

*RON SIMMONS (Warner Robbins) - WWE Hall of Famer, Recognized as First African-American World Champion in Pro Wrestling History (WCW Title), Co-Owner of Acolyte Protection Agency……… DAMN!

*JAKE ROBERTS (Stone Mountain) - WWE Hall of Famer, Innovator of the DDT, Current Advisor to Lance Archer, Gave Randy Savage and Elizabeth a Cobra as a Wedding Present

*ANNA JAY (Brunswick) - First Female Member of the Dark Order (Member #99)


*RANDY SAVAGE (Sarasota) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE World Champion, 4 Time WCW World Champion, PWI Wrestler of the Year, The Cream of the Crop

*THE ROCK (Miami) - 8 Time WWE World Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, PWI Wrestler of the Year, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment

*ROMAN REIGNS (Pensacola) - 5 Time WWE World/Universal Champion, ESPY Award Winner, MUST sit at the Head of All Tables

*ADAM COLE (Panama City) - Longest Reigning NXT Champion in History, 3 Time Ring of Honor World Champion, PWI Wrestler of the Year, Simply put…. Undisputed

*MICHELLE MCCOOL (Palatka) - 4 Time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion, Unified Women’s and Diva’s Championships, PWI Female of the Year, has a thing for Dead men.


*RIC FLAIR (Charlotte) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE World Champion, 8 Time WCW World Champion, 9 Time NWA World Champion, PWI Wrestler of the Decade, 6 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year, Limousine Riding, Jet Flying, Kiss Stealing, Wheelin Dealing Son of a Gun. WOOOOO!

*JUNKYARD DOG (Charlotte) - WWE Hall of Famer, “The Wrestling Classic” Tournament Winner, Thump

*THE HARDY BOYZ (Cameron) - 8 Time WWE Tag Champions, Former WCW Tag Champions, 2 Time TNA Tag Champions, Former RoH Tag Champions, Both Former World Champions, was going to put the Dudleyz through tables or die trying

*CHARLOTTE FLAIR (“Queen City”) - 10 Time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion, 2 Time NXT Women’s Champion, PWI Woman of the Year


*JEFF JARRETT (Hendersonville) - WWE Hall of Famer, TNA Hall of Famer, 4 Time WCW World Champion, 6 Time NWA/TNA World Champion, Can't wait to be alone with his baby tonight

*JERRY LAWLER (Memphis) - WWE Hall of Famer, Legendary Feud with Andy Kaufman, hates ECW, Loves Puppies

*HONKY TONK MAN (Memphis) - WWE Hall of Famer, Longest Reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion in History, coming to your town in a Pink Cadillac

*JAMES STORM (Leipers Fork) - Former TNA World Champion, 3 Time PWI Tag Team of the Year, built a Motorized Beer Cooler

*BIANCA BELAIR (Knoxville) - All SEC and All American Athlete in Track and Field at University of Tennessee, Record 8 Eliminations in a Single Women’s Royal Rumble Match, FastEST, StrongEST, ToughEST

This is the “Yes, Please!” Bracket, where no matter which wrestlers you put together, the response is gonna be “Yes, Please!” Randy Savage vs AJ Styles? Yes, Please! Ric Flair vs The Rock? Yes, Please! Goldberg vs Roman Reigns? Well, we might actually get that match! How does Charlotte Flair vs Michelle McCool or Bianca Belair vs Anna Jay float you?! James Storm vs Jake Roberts? There's so much history here, but then there's also a decent amount of Present Day talent that would make this Division “Must Watch!”

As far as this guy’s opinion goes, despite multiple Hall of Famers on each team, I feel this Pool comes down to Georgia and Florida, which I know in the athletic world, this is a fun rivalry! If you think about both teams in their Primes, yes, Goldberg is unbeatable. So chalk a Win up for Georgia for him, but the rest of the Georgia squad, as Great as they are, are beatbale. This Pool goes to Florida. In a very Talented Pool, they have the Most as a Unit!

PICK: FLORIDA (Savage, Rock, Reigns, Cole, McCool)

In the spirit of Manifest Destiny, next Article we’re heading out West! And there are some All Time Greats coming up in that Pool! A lot of guys that are argued for Wrestling’s Mount Rushmore will be Present and Accounted for, and in action! Stayed tuned to for the next World Cup Article!

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