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The World Cup of Wrestling - International Division C

We are back again for the 7th Division of the All-Time World Cup Tournament. This installment is the 3rd Division on the International Side of the Bracket. And this one will NOT disappoint! We have some All-Time Greats of the Past and Present competing in this Pool! A lot of Great Technicians and a lot of Heavy Hitters! Let's get at it, shall we?


*KOFI KINGSTON (Ghana) - Former WWE World Champion, 3 Time PWI Tag Team of the Year Longest Cumulative Reigning Tag Team Champion in History, Always has a Tray of Pancakes ready!

*AKEEM (Deepest, Darkest Africa) - Former WCW United States Champion, Former UWF World Champion, often compared to a One Man Gang

*KAMALA (Uganda) - WXW Hall of Famer, likes Slapping the Moons on his Belly

*PJ BLACK (Cape Town) - 3 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, Former FCW Heavyweight Champion, Former GFW NEX*GEN Champion, Original Member of the Nexus


*SHEAMUS (Dublin) - Former 4 Time WWE World Champion, Only Wrestler in History to Win Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, Money in the Bank, and Survive a Survivor Series Elimination Match, affectionately known as “Fire Face.”

*FINN BALOR (Bray, County Wicklow) - First Ever WWE Universal Champion, 2 Time NXT Champion, First-Ever Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winner, Creator of the Bullet Club

*FINLAY (Belfast) - Former WWE United States Champion, Former British Heavyweight Champion, Hornswoggle’s Illegitimate Father, Swings a Shillelagh

*JORDAN DEVLIN (Bray, Country Wicklow) - NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Competed in First-Ever WWE UK Championship Tournament, Irish Ace

*BECKY LYNCH (Dublin) - Former 4 Time WWE Women’s Champion, 2 Time PWI Woman of the Year, First-Ever Smackdown Women’s Champion, Unbeaten Raw Women’s Champion, Won both Raw & Smackdown Women’s Championships in Main Event of WrestleMania, simply put… The Man!


*YOKOZUNA - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE World Champion, 2 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, caved in Multiple Enhancement Talents’ Chests, Bonzai!!!

*RIKISHI - WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, 3 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, Shrank Heads, Made a Difference, lost his tongue as a Sultan, Innovator of the Stink Face, Loves the Electric Slide

*SAMOA JOE - 2 Time NXT Champion, Former TNA World Champion, Former RoH World Champion, First-Ever Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winner, Samoan Submission Machine

*UMAGA - 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Samoan Bulldozer, Strongest Thumb in Wrestling History, gives a 3 Minute Warning before Attacking

*NIA JAX - Former WWE Women’s Champion (Won at WrestleMania), Put another wrestler through a table a WWE Record 9 Consecutive Weeks; she’s not like most girls


*BRET HART (Calgary) - 2 Time WWE Hall of Famer, 5 Time WWE Wor

ld Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time PWI Feud of the Year Winner, 3 Time PWI Match of the Year Winner, Best there Is, Was and Ever Will Be, wants to stick an Enima in Pittsburgh

*OWEN HART (Calgary) - Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, PWI Rookie of the Year Winner

*CHRIS JERICHO (Winnipeg) - First Ever Undisputed World Champion in Pro Wrestling History (defeated The Rock and Stone Cold in the Same Night!), 4

Time WWE World Champion, First-Ever AEW World Champion, 2 Time WCW World Champion, PWI Feud of the Decade Winner, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, List Maker, Pain Maker, Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla, Enjoys Cruises, Hates Stupid Idiots

*KENNY OMEGA (Winnipeg) - AEW World Champion, Former IWGP World Champion, AAA Mega Champion, First-Ever Non-Japanese Wrestler to Win G1 Climax, First-Ever IWGP United States Champion, PWI Feud of the Year Winner, 2 Time PWI Match of the Year Winner, does a “Thing.”

*NATALYA (Calgary) - 2 Time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion, 2 Time Stampede Women’s Wrestling Champion, First-Ever Female Graduate of Stu Hart’s Dungeon, Winningest Women’s Wrestler in WWE History, Life Inspired by a Cat named Two-Paws, BOAT

Oh, where do we even begin to unwrap this and start making matches?! Bret Hart vs. Kofi Kingston would be sneaky good! Finn Balor vs. Owen Hart would be incredible! Finlay vs. Umaga would leave some bruises! How about a Tag Team Match with Yokozuna & Rikishi vs. Akeem & Kamala? That’s a LOT of Beef right there! Kenny Omega vs. Samoa Joe! Plus, in a match that maybe we could eventually see, Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax vs. Natalya would be a Nice Triple Threat!

Absolutely loving this Group, especially if there was a way to do a 4 on 4 with Ireland vs. Samoa and just watch them kick the crap out of each other in the stiffest ways possible! In the end, I don't think there is a way to beat the Incredible Talent that is on the Western Canadian Team. I just can't imagine anyone but them coming out of this Pool.

PICK: WESTERN CANADA (B.Hart, O.Hart, Jericho, Omega, Natalya)

Moving forward to the Last Grouping for the International Bracket in the next article, I did something slightly different. Not everyone outside the US has enough people to create a Team to represent their country. And with that, countries like Canada and England have TOO many wrestlers, and some decent names were left off those teams. So in the next article on, I try to make that right! See you then!

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