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The World Cup Of Wrestling - International Division B

We continue with the All-Time World Cup of Wrestling Tournament with our next set of International Teams. Thus far, it seems like every Group has been challenging to pick, with having two teams that stand out. And this is no different. So let us see what we have in store for us today…..


*THE BRITISH BULLDOGS - Former WWE Tag Team Champions, 2 Time Stampede International Tag Team Champions, mascot named Matilda that HATES Bobby Heenan!

*JOHNNY SAINT (Blackpool) - 10 Time World Lightweight Champion, the Original “Man of 1,000 Holds,” NXT UK General Manager

*PAC (Newcastle) - Former NXT Champion, 2 Time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Former Dragon Gate Champion, flat out Bastard

*PAIGE (Norwich) - 2 Time WWE Diva’s Champion, First-Ever and Unbeaten NXT Women’s Champion, Former Pro Wrestling EVE Champion, Former GM of Smackdown


*SABU (Bombay) - 2 Time ECW World Champion, Former NWA World Champion, Former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal

*JINDER MAHAL (Punjab) - Former WWE World Champion, Former WWE United States Champion, PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year

*THE GREAT KHALI (Mumbai) - Former WWE World Champion, Creator of Punjabi Prison Match, Punjabi Playboy

*SONJAY DUTT (Mumbai) - Former Impact X Division Champion, Former GFW Nex*Gen Champion, CZW Hall of Famer

*KAVITA DAVI (Haryana) - First Ever Indian Born Female Professional Wrestler to compete in WWE, competed in both Mae Young Classics


*EDDIE GUERRERO (El Paso, TX) - WWE Hall of Famer, AAA Hall of Famer, Former WWE World Champion, Lies, Cheats, Steals

*MIL MASCARAS (San Luis Potosi) - WWE Hall of Famer, NWA Hall of Famer, The Man of a Thousand Masks, apparently still owes JBL Money

*TITO SANTANA (Tecula) - WWE Hall of Famer, 2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Former ECW Champion, Part-time BullFighter, ARRIBA!

*JUVENTUD GUERRERA (Mexico City) - 5 Time WWE/WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Former AAA Cruiserweight Champion, Former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion, Not just Mexican, but Mexi-Cool!!!

*THUNDER ROSA (Tijuana) - Former NWA Women’s Championship, Former Lucha Underground Trios Champion, hates Dentists


*IVAN KOLOFF (Moscow) - Former WWWF World Champion, 4 Time NWA Mid Atlantic Champion

*NIKITA KOLOFF (Lithuania) - NWA Hall of Famer, Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer, Former NWA National Champion, The Russian Nightmare

*NIKOLAI VOLKOFF (Moscow) - WWE Hall of Famer, Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Sang Russian National Anthem before each match

*VLADIMIR KOZLOV (Moscow) - Former WWE Tag Team Champion

*LANA (Moscow) - Ravishing Russian, She’s The Best, She’s #1

We have, as always, some very intriguing potential Matchups in this Pool. Knee jerk reaction when looking to book those matches is Eddie Guerrero vs. Sabu, and I instantly smiled! That would be amazing! PAC vs. Juventud Guerrera would get people excited as well! I don't think that the Koloffs have ever tagged together (technically, they're not even related, shhhhh!), but them against the Bulldogs would be interesting! How about Paige vs. Thunder Rosa?! That’s another “Yes, Please!” Match! And the match I know everyone would want to see, Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali…… yeah, we can get that too…..

I think what everyone can agree on here is that his Pool is between England and Mexico. The Russian team and Indian team, despite some fun matchups, are not on the British and Mexican level. I'll take the Bulldogs in a Tag Match against Mascaras and Santana, along with PAC over Juventud, so that’s 2 for England. Then Guerrero would beat Saint, and I'll take Rosa over Paige, so that’s 2 for Mexico. I guess we can settle the tie in an Elimination Match? In Big Matches Scenarios such as this, Eddie Guerrero Lies, Cheats and Steals his way to victory more often than not, so I'll always bet on Eddie to get the job done here and advance.

PICK: MEXICO (Guerrero, Mascaras, Santana, Guerrera, Rosa)

Who would you pick in an England vs. Mexico showdown? That was a tough one. And I'm sure it’s not going to get easier. We have our 3rd Grouping for the International Bracket in our next Article. So stay tuned to for more fun to come!

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