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The All-Time World Cup of Professional Wrestling

Ladies and gentlemen, how is everyone today? First off, Thank you for clicking on this article! Your interest peaked with the Headline, which is Great! I will do what I can to not disappoint you! But what exactly is it you're about to read? Well, it’s a little thing I put together to try and answer a question. That question is, what the state, region, or country has produced the best wrestlers? Which territory (for lack of a better term) can claim this distinction? Well, let's see what we can do to answer that.

The way I figured we can answer those questions is to fire up a Tournament. The All-Time World Cup of Wrestling Tournament! So here is what I did and what you're about to witness over the next few weeks…

I put together a tournament that combined the aspects of a World Cup Soccer Tournament, where I group teams into pools to compete against each other to advance, along with the aspect of the Little League World Series, where half of the tournament will compete as the United States while the other half will compete as The World.

So far, so good, right? I thought so. There will be 32 teams competing in this, divided into Eight Groups of Four in Two Divisions. As mentioned above, the Two Divisions will be the US Division and the International Division. Each Division will each have Four of the Eight Groups, putting 16 Teams in each Division. Did you get that? It's simpler than how I'm explaining it. 16 States and Regions will compete in the US Division, and 16 Counties/Eras (I'll explain that one late on) will compete in the International Division. And One Division at a time (starting with the Next Article), we will go through this thing until we Crown a Winner and World Cup Champion.

For the Teams, each team will be represented by 4 Men and (if Possible) a Woman Wrestler from any point in time in Pro Wrestling History that are from the same area of the country/world. I couldn't do EVERY State and Country (not many Wrestlers from Alaska or Iceland, if any at all), but I think I did the Groupings Justice. I tried to keep the Wrestlers in Character as much as possible with where they are “Billed From” (I'd say about 95% of the Wrestlers stayed True to where they’re from), but there are a few cases where I had to / wanted to make the Stretch. For example, Eddie Guerrero is from El Paso, TX. I didn't have Eddie on the team representing Texas (that team is stacked, you will see). But, since I wanted Eddie to be in this thing, and his family is from Mexico, I have Eddie placed on Team Mexico. Yokozuna is a Japanese Sumo Wrestler, right? Well, I think he’d fit better with his Family representing the Isle of Samoa, don't you think? So it’s not perfect, but I made it work, and I think you will enjoy this.

You will be introduced to these teams in each article going forward, and it'll be pretty fun to imagine all the Matchups that can spawn from these pairings! I hope you enjoy the ride reading this as much as I did writing it! Please feel free to make comments on the Upcoming Articles on’s Facebook Page to let me know if you agree or disagree with the Outcomes of these Matches!

As Fandango famously said, “Buckle Up, Buck-a-roo’s! We’re going for a ride!”

Enjoy the Show!

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