• Joey Jarzynka

St. John's Pregame Quotes vs. Mercer


St. John’s Head Coach Mike Anderson

On Mercer…

“They have a couple guys that really can put the ball in the hole. [They have a] new coach so that means they have new energy on their basketball team. He comes from Purdue. Of course you've seen the success that Purdue has had, so I'm sure they’ll do some of those things … hard-nosed defense, motion offense, multiple guys that can score, very versatile.”

On the team’s performance against Queens College…

“Our guys played hard. ... Guys came off the bench and gave us some quality minutes and that's what I'm looking for. Guys are going to go out and give us efficient minutes.”

On the importance of the bench for his style of play…

“We have an honest system where guys go out and they leave everything on the floor. … I want our guys to go out and have fun and do the things we've been working on in practice each and every day. Create havoc, create turnovers, but we want to take care of the basketball. I think that's the biggest thing and not let people get comfortable, especially in Carnesecca Arena, Madison Square Garden, wherever it is. I encourage our fans to come and show up and show out and make that place a difficult place to play.”

On his team being ready to start the season Wednesday…

“I think our guys are working extremely hard to get to this point. Wednesday we have a chance to put it on the floor and get someone other than ourselves. … Mercer is going to come in here and throw a punch, and we got to be able to throw our own punch.”

On the excitement for his first game coaching St. John’s…

“I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to our guys going out and hopefully playing at a level that our fans can appreciate. … To me, the biggest thing is ‘can we build on it?’ I always think every game is a big game, no matter who we play. … The next big game on our schedule obviously is Mercer.”

St. John’s Guard/Forward LJ Figueroa

On how excited he is to start the regular season…

“Very excited. Junior year. Second year [at St. John’s]. Very excited to be here. New team, new coaches. Can’t wait.”

On playing his first game for Coach Anderson…

“We’ve been practicing hard the whole time up to this day. I think we prepped very well for this day. Can’t wait.”

On the season opener and new style of play…

“We’re going to showcase a good brand of basketball. We’re all going to go out and play hard and hopefully come out with a win.”

On positives from the exhibition game against Queens College…

“ Our chemistry. Just staying together. We’re definitely going to need that in the long run when we enter BIG EAST play.”

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