• Joey Jarzynka

St. John's Postgame Press Conference vs. Seton Hall


St. John’s Head Coach Mike Anderson

Opening statement…

“Well for anyone watching, I’m sure they saw a great ball game. Two teams just going after it. Obviously, it’s a neighboring team and congratulations to them. I thought their guys made the plays at the right time. Our inability to knock free throws down and they made some big free throws going down the stretch, so you have to give them credit. I told our guys that I was proud of the effort. I’m not into moral victories. We lost the game at home and that’s something that’s got to hurt, but at the same time I thought our guys came out and played against a very, very good opponent in Seton Hall and gave ourselves a chance.”

On the three-point play by Myles Powell in the second half…

“It was a big play. … I have to look back on the tape and see what exactly took place, but it was a big play in the game. True to our guys, I saw a sign of growth. Our guys didn’t panic. Even without LJ [Figueroa] out there. I thought they kept playing.”

On Myles Powell …

“He’s a veteran. I’ve seen this guy his freshman year in the NCAA Tournament and he’s gotten better. He stepped up when his team needed him to. You pay a lot of attention to him and then I think the other guys play off of him.”

On the team defense on Myles Powell in the second half…

“I thought we had some lapses coming out. I thought we played with great energy. I thought we were recognizing where he was and when he was on the floor. I thought he got loose a couple of times. … He just made plays, that’s what he does.”

On what he learned about his team in this game…

“I’m proud that they continued to fight and I thought we got better. Our defense had been pretty good and we hadn’t been scoring. I thought we kind of amped it up and I thought the guys played for one another. They trusted one another. I thought you saw [Mustapha Heron] come out and he looked more relaxed. [Josh Roberts] had one of his better games, but what that says is that we played as a team. With that being said, that gave us a chance. Again, we’re cleaning up some things going down the stretch and that’s inexperience versus experience. I keep saying that, but you can see the guys that made the plays for them, [Myles Powell], [Quincy McKnight]. Again I like this team and how they’ve responded in some tough, tough loses.”

St. John’s Senior Guard Mustapha Heron

On the frustration from this loss…

“I think as a competitor, it’s frustrating. But you’ve got to look at the mistakes you’ve made. We had a couple of turnovers late in the second half and then we missed free throws. We always talk about turnovers and free throws being the telltale of all of our games, so that’s what we’ve got to go work on.”

On the final possessions of the game...

“My teammates make plays. I don't have to have the ball every possession.”

On Myles Powell…

“I’ve been competing against Myles [Powell] since we were in middle school. We’ve been friends since high school, so to see somebody who has gone through his struggles off the court, to be able to stay focused on the court, I’m proud of him and he’s become a really good player.”

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