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Saints' TE Josh Hill Quotes 8.31.20


How much of an unknown is the first game? "We have thought about it. I think as a team, we've kind of put ourselves in situations to replicate, you know, game like situations. There are a lot of unknowns not having fans and what the environments going to look like exactly yet, but I think as a competitive team that we put ourselves in situations to be ready, to be battle tested."

How has Adam Trautman been coming along? "You know, I think he's done a nice job. He's picked up the offense well, which really sets guys apart at the tight end position. (He's) done a good job picking it up (he's) competitive. I've got nothing but good things to say about him."

How would you kind of assess his blocking? "Yeah, that's not my job, but I know he'll stick his face in there."

Can you run us through your various roles on this offense and special teams? "Yeah. I think I'm a guy that can just do a lot of different things, move me around in different situations in the offense and a guy that contribute at a high level on special teams as well. You know, kind of how I made my way in, but I pride myself on just being able to do anything, whether that's be in the backfield or on the line of scrimmage. I feel like I'm well rounded enough to do those things."

Was that one of those things that just came along with I guess, being undrafted where you kind of got to just get in where you can or? "Yeah, it is. I think I just tried to grow my role every year and with that comes doing a lot of different things. And (it) definitely comes from kind of starting on special teams and just building your role throughout the years."

What makes Drew Brees and Sean Payton work so well together as a duo for the last 15 years? "Just brilliant minds. They see the game a little different than most people. They've got a gift to see 22 people at once. Sometimes I cannot tell you where the D-tackle lines up. So I think that their work ethic, knowledge and vision for the game is unparalleled."

What are your thoughts on Deonte Harris on special teams and now in the offense as well? "Yeah, first question. When he first joined the team, he really made some electrifying plays last year in the preseason that really set him apart. And I think that he's looking to increase his role on the offense. And I think that he's worked hard to put himself in a situation and train in a way that allows him to do that and he can make people make in the open field, he's shifty, and I think he's doing a good job knowing the offense and knowing what to do."

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