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Saints' RBs Coach Joel Thomas Quotes 8.31.20


What have you seen from Ty Montgomery in the snaps he has received, where he seems to have become more comfortable? "I see a player that's just getting more comfortable in our scheme and our offense and what has been asked of them. Obviously, you guys have been (at) practice, you've seen some of the explosive traits that he offers when he's running the ball. Obviously, you got the receiver skill set that you have from college that you see him in some downfield, throws, intermediate throws, so just seen a progression of him, just kind of stacking days so to speak of just getting better and more comfortable with that our offense."

A guy who has shown some flashes is Dwayne Washington. In the offseason, he told us about the work he put in, but where have you seen him make strides? "Well, I've seen the confidence of, I kind of call it you know, be a bully, he's got this big powerful body that sometimes he can kind of enforce his will on some of these defenders and work his way vertical in terms of five and six-yard gains. The other thing that is shown that he's worked on a lot is just the ability to catch the balls, not pretty every time but he's been effective catching the ball out in space and then then he demonstrates the the speed that he does have for being 225, 220. Plus riding back that he rolls downfield now he does get some space."

Being one of the few teams that use a fullback consistently, you have a new one this year in Michael Burton. How do you see him being incorporated into the offense? "Michael stepped in and the luxury that he had from being a true first year guy in our system as he was here all last year for the otas through camp even though he did get injured there in the beginning, but he was familiar walking in so this covid didn't have as much of a major effect on him as far as not getting the reps. So speak ov familiarity, but he's a guy that ix stepping in right now on the spot and he's done a solid job just obviously identification, being on point with who (he) is blocking. I've said this before, when it's at a point of contact block and it's just a matter of just keep on evaluating where he fits in the system."

Seeing how much Latavius Murray developed in his first year and seeing what you guys were able to do in the past with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, do you have a better idea of how you want to use the two this year? "Yes. And to elaborate more, I think now as we're going into season two, you see it a comfort level with Latavius as far as the ins and outs the little nuances with our offense and last year when he Alvin went down, he kind of carried us in this room and there is no need to prove why he's a successful tenure veteran in this league. He is nothing but a pro. He's prepared, ready to go. I think everybody outside of the room was surprised with his ability to catch the ball in space and he actually got his first touchdown reception in his career with the Cardinals at home. So yeah, I think with him, it's just more reps, more touches and obviously we feel comfortable with that as well."

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