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Ravens' TE Nick Boyle Quotes 8.19.20


Can you talk about the progression for you as a pass catcher? Or do you always feel that you've always been a good pass catcher, it's just that people are recognizing it more now? (Jamison Hensley) "Yes, I get that a lot. I think I've always been a good pass catcher. I always think I have good hands. I think I run good routes for my speed. But, you know, like everybody who plays football, you try to get better at certain things. And for me, I'm always trying to be a better blocker. I'm always trying to be the best at that, but I'm also trying to improve my receiving game and learn from Mark [Andrews]. All the other tight ends are really good receivers. So, I'm always trying to improve. I think that's a way I can improve; to try to manipulate people to get open a little bit more. But yes, I think I've always been good, but I'm always trying to improve."

You just mentioned TE Mark Andrews. How has his game impacted yours? (Kirk McEwen) "Oh, he's awesome. I'm trying to learn from Mark [Andrews] in a lot of things. Even before we reported to camp, we had some time where we got some route work in. I was trying to learn everything from him from releases, to stems, to how to run certain routes, what he sees. He's just a tremendous player, obviously, what he's done here in the past, and him coming back stronger, he can do a lot more things. He's always been able to do a lot of things, but I think seeing he's excited to step into blocking, pass protecting, catching balls to be an all-around tight end."

I know you guys miss TE Hayden Hurst, but there's also a fierce competition going on for that tight end spot. What have you seen that you've liked from those three guys who are with you now in the room? (Childs Walker) "It's been impressive. First and foremost, we're all awesome guys. It's a joy to come to work with them in the room. I think that was something that we pushed last year with Hayden [Hurst] being here, is that I truly enjoyed and had the most fun last year out of all the years I played here. I think it's continuing this year. Yes, we miss Hayden, and I hope he does well in Atlanta, but all the guys they brought in here – Chuck [Charles Scarff], Eli [Wolf], Jerell [Adams] – they've all been awesome to the group. They all have their specialties with what they can do. Like I said before, they're all good people, and that's what makes it a joy to come to work and be in meetings with them and have a really good time."

When TE Hayden Hurst was traded, were you surprised? In relation to that, do you feel like his departure opens the door in any way for you for more opportunities?(Jerry Coleman) "Yes, you're always surprised when someone close to you on the team gets traded, just because you don't want to see that happen. We were awesome friends – me, him and Mark [Andrews]. But like I said before, I hope he does well. Was I surprised? Yes. That being said, I think it does open a [few] more doors with the receiving game. But all the other tight ends they brought here are good receivers, too. So, I think there's an open spot for who wants to go in there and grab that, and everyone's been doing a good job competing, learning from [one] another and just trying to be their best."

Just seeing you guys on the field, really, that's the only time that all of us get to see a sense of normalcy of what we're used to. What is it like to forget about these times and get those two hours to have no social distancing, no masks and just play football? (Morgan Adsit) "It's awesome. Not to wear a mask is awesome – not in like a … I'm not against masks. I'm all for masks, OK? (laughter) But to be out there, just being football, just being where we feel at home with all our best friends, all our teammates, getting better at what we do and what we love every day. So, that being said, that is the most normal I feel during this time of year, during this pandemic, [is] out in practice. It's just a joy to be out there. No mask, but you have the helmet on. It's just a great time."

I wanted to get your reaction to how the defense reacted to CB Jimmy Smith's hit on you at the goal line? (Luke Jones) "At the end? Yes, Jimmy [Smith] had a good play. Hats off to Jimmy, he had a good play. I let my guard down a little bit when I caught that, I thought I was wide open. I have to have a better sense of urgency there – pluck it, tuck it and get in the endzone. I guess he was hauling … I thought I was going to be wide open, but good play by Jimmy. Next time that comes, I'll be in for sure. It's a good thing it happened."

You talked about TE Mark Andrews and his ability with the running of the routes. Is it simply the way he runs routes? Why does it seem like he always gets open? It's not like he's the fastest tight end out there where … Why do you think he always gets open? (Jamison Hensley) "Yes, he's fast. Number One, he's fast. That man – it doesn't look like he's moving fast, but he's a fast player. But what Mark [Andrews] does, he has a really good instinct. He has a really good feel. He's nifty. He knows how to get open in certain scenarios. He knows how to play certain man coverages. He knows and he has a good feel, that's what I said. He has a good instinct, and he has a good football IQ – that's what he uses to his advantage. He knows how to manipulate people, like I said, to move them certain ways so he creates more separation, and he's fast. So, that makes him really dangerous."

QB Lamar Jackson is coming off a historically great quarterback season in NFL history and he looks, from the three days we've been able to watch, even better. What are you seeing from Lamar? Did you see how the Tennessee loss has driven him to this point? (Pete Gilbert) "Win or lose versus Tennessee, I think Lamar [Jackson] has the attitude that he approaches … That he brings to the game that he wants to get better every time he gets out on the field. I've always seen the leadership from him. I've always seen the humbleness. He's one of the nicest guys in the locker room, and he's the most respected. With that being said, he's on this platform, and I think he does a great job of leading this team and trying to get better. [He's] explaining what he sees during certain plays after things don't go well, controlling the offense, being the leader. He's in a very stable mood out there. Things don't go well? He may (frustrated motion), and then he's back down. He's just a great leader for our team and he's always trying to get better."

With no preseason games, are you feeling like … Is there a sense of urgency right now? The practice energy levels seem like there's definitely been an uptick. So, what's been your approach? (Bobby Trosset) "I think, Number One – without even preseason games – not having the springtime and coming into practice, the first couple of days felt weird to be in the huddle and hearing the play, getting lined up. Everyone has a sense of urgency, just because of the time we missed. But then, like you said, without preseason games, I think when the pads come on, people know that this is when they're going to get their work. This is where they're going to get better and feel what they need to feel out there in practice, because they're not going to have that preseason. I think all around, it's a good sense of urgency. I think we're all excited to just get going and actually play a game."

If you catch more passes this year, does that mean we get to see more hurdles or more trucking people? (Ryan Mink) "Probably more hurdles. Hopefully, I can truck people good and stay on my feet. But when the situation appears, you never know how it's going to play out. But maybe I'll hurdle some more people or … I don't know." (laughter)

Obviously, losing TE Hayden Hurst maybe leaves you guys a little less flexible with tight ends. You look at last year when you guys went to 12 personnel, 13 personnel, your efficiency was off the charts. Just looking at how defenses defend in the modern NFL, why do you think it was that you guys were so much better than a lot of other teams when you went heavy? (Jonas Shaffer) "I think because we have better players. I think we have players who care. I think we have players who know what to do in certain situations, and I think we get trained by the best coaches. I think we prepare the best. So, I think we had the best tight end group last year, including Pat [Patrick Ricard] as a fullback. I think that showed and that's something we try to continue here. Is it a shocker to me that we have the best efficiency or whatever it was? Not really, because that's what we go out there to play and prepare and do. It's always nice to do your job well."

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