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Ravens' LB Patrick Queen Quotes 8.21.20


Now that you've started camp and the practices are underway, what kind of progress do you feel you've already made in this short period? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I feel like I've progressed in every part of my game – just from [a] run standpoint, to [a] pass standpoint – just trying to level the playing field that I'm on now going from college to the NFL. [I'm] trying to get adjusted to the game tempo. [The] offense has been giving a great look and the coaches on defense have been coaching me very well. I'm looking forward to the next few days and getting into the season."

How do you feel seeing yourself on Madden 21? Have you played against WR Marquise Brown yet? (Ximena Lugo-Latorre) "It's crazy being on Madden 21. I haven't played as myself yet, but it's just something that you dream of growing up. All the little kids … Always creating yourself on Madden, wishing to be in that moment – and I actually don't have to create myself this time. I'm very humbled by that. I have not played 'MB' [Marquise Brown] yet. I'm looking forward to it. I heard he's the best, so it's going to be a great matchup."

Just as a young linebacker, what are you trying to learn and what are you learning from LB L.J. Fort, who's had a couple years in the league now? (Daniel Oyefusi) "The right way to do things. [I] know the game moves more efficient than college, and just a lot more tells that you wouldn't notice about yourself. Trying to get my tells out of the way. Trying to learn new techniques that they've been accustomed to being in the NFL that I haven't used in college. Coming into this level, everything is very detailed. You miss one little thing, it's blown. So, I'm just trying to get every little thing down pat and trying to be very detailed in my game."

What has it been like playing with LB Malik Harrison at linebacker? (Todd Karpovich)"It's exciting – somebody that's my age playing alongside me. He's more of a 'thumper' type of guy. So, when I come in and play alongside of him, it's going to be really exciting just to see him about to hit somebody. That gets my juices flowing, and can't to see what he does in the future."

Leading up to the draft, around Baltimore, it was LB Patrick Queen or [Chargers] LB Kenneth Murray, Murray or Queen – and [Murray] he went at [number] 23, five picks before you. Do you feel there's some motivation for you? Do you feel linked to LB Kenneth Murray, somehow, because of your link in the draft? (Kirk McEwen) "Me and Kenneth [Murray] are very good friends. So, there's no animosity, or whatever, between us. But at the same time, coming from a different standpoint, yes, I do feel a type of way about that. And of course, I'm always going to try to prove myself. That's what I've been doing since Day One, since I played football – is proving myself day-in and day-out. I had to do it in college. Coming into this year, I wasn't a starter, so I had to prove myself again. That's what I'm going to be doing this year – is every game, every rep, I'm trying to prove myself." (Reporter: Were you determined to show your speed early on? Because everybody talked about your speed and they continue to.) "Yes, that's the 'PQ' special speed. I've got to come out guns blazing and show that off the first game."

We know you were an extremely confident player coming out of college. Have you found it natural to be that way here, now that you're on the field and you're one of the new guys, and in some sense, you're starting over? (Childs Walker) "If you're not confident, you're not going to be very good. I learned that quick in college. If you're not sure about what you've got to do, you may as well be 100 percent to the football. Every day I come in, I study, [and] I study at home. Just trying to get the plays down pat. Trying to know everything inside-and-out, so when I come on the field, I can be extra confident, so, 'Hey, you've got to do this, or you've got to do that.' It's not just my job to know; [it's] everybody else's job."

Sunday, you get your first look at M&T Bank Stadium … I assume it's your first look. What's that going to feel like? What do you anticipate that feeling like when you step on that field for the first time? (Shawn Stepner) "It's going to be tough without fans being there – that's what everybody looks forward to, is the fans. But you're still playing football. So, I'm looking forward to a lot – just being able to come onto an NFL field and play with my team and be able to showcase my talents on the next level. That's a blessing. Every day I wake up, I'll be thankful for that. And when that day comes, I can't wait."

How comfortable do you feel with the scheme, schematic aspect of the job – the communication and all of that? (Ryan Mink) "At LSU, we had a lot of complicated defenses. So, talking-wise and scheme-wise, it's pretty much like [how] LSU was, but it's more verbal now. I have to be on pace with everybody; not just the D-line, not just the safeties, but [with] both of them at the same time. It's a lot of talking, it's a lot of communication, but that can only make us better. That's what I'm in-tune to right now – is just trying to get better at that point, because that's the hardest point for me right now – just being on the same page with everybody else."

You talked a little bit about speed and how it's such a big part of your game. I was wondering, now that you've had some practices against QB Lamar Jackson, how does your speed match up with Lamar's? (Luke Jones) (laughing) "Lamar [Jackson] is a different animal. I feel like if I had to play against Lamar, I could probably hold my own. But that's Lamar, and you can't put any limitations on Lamar. It's been very good. I've seen a lot of things from him, a lot of stuff that I can work on. It's just exciting to be in a position that I don't have to play against him. (laughter) I look forward to everyday coming on the field, playing with him, getting his energy and just getting better."

You were talking about the communication – have you been wearing the communication device in practice to practice receiving play-calls? How is that different at the NFL level, maybe, than in college – that process? (Aaron Kasinitz)"Yes, I've been getting the calls in from the mic – just communicating to the whole defense. It's not like LSU, because at LSU, you've got more signals that you have to relay to the defense. So, it's different hearing that coming out of somebody's mouth. But for the most part, it's the same. You still have to communicate to the front, to the safeties. It's pretty much the same, just a different way of getting it."

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