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Rams RB Cam Akers Quotes 4/24/20


(On his thoughts on joining the Rams and following former RB Todd Gurley II)

“Just a blessing to be in this position and a blessing to be a part of such a great organization. Just as far as filling (Former Rams RB) Todd Gurley’s shoes, just going to come in and play. Wherever the team needs me to be, whatever they need me to do, that’s what I’ll do.”

(On how familiar he is with the Rams throughout the draft process and how many times he met with the Rams and if he knew it was the Rams when the phone rang)

“Yeah, I met with the Rams, well I wouldn’t say met, I facetimed the Rams a few times throughout this process. We had a few good talks, a lot of good talks. Before they’re calling on the tv, I knew the Rams had called me and told me, of course. I was still excited, just as excited as I would be if I didn’t know. Just truly a blessing.”

(On if he knows CB Jalen Ramsey personally and if they overlapped years while playing at Florida State)

“He left, he left.”

(On if he knows and is in touch with Ramsey)

“Yeah, we’re in touch. Not on a personal level as much, but he always texts me, he always hits me up. We are a part of the same agency; we’ve got the same agent. I’m sure our relationship will only get stronger.

(On what he thinks he brings to the Rams)

“I think I bring a three-down, a four-down back if necessary. I’m somebody who can come in and be a game changer. Be everything this team and the fans need me to be and everything they’re expecting me to be.”

(On if he got to talk to Head Coach Sean McVay a lot during the draft process and how he thinks he will fit into McVay’s offense)

“I didn’t talk to him too much. I talked to him, he explained that he feels like I can fit into the offense well. I can be a big piece in the offense. So, hopefully I can be.”

(On how the virtual draft experience has been for him and how he is celebrating and taking it all in)

“Just celebrating with family, taking it all in. Just enjoying this experience.”

(On what are some of the things you look forward to contributing to the Rams)

“Everything. I’m looking forward to everything, in any way that I can, whether it’s blocking, running, catching, special teams, whatever I need to do. I got my big-boy pants on and I’m ready to do it.”

(On how being a high school quarterback lead you to be an efficient running back)

“Just being able to break down defenses and go through the progression a little faster. Having that edge, having that quarterback thought process when approaching the line of scrimmage and approaching every play.”

(On if there is any aspect of your game that you look forward to improving on)

“Everything. I don’t feel like any aspect of my game I’m where I need to be. I would say a broad statement and say everything.”

(On having spent time out in Los Angeles or California)

“Yeah, I trained in California for the Combine. I was out there for like a whole month and a half or so, right before the Combine.”

(On what part of California were you in)

“Santa Ana, like the Costa Mesa area.”

(On if there is anything in particular with the Rams that makes it a good destination for you)

“The way they use their (running) backs in the passing game, in the running game. I think they allow their backs to do everything. I think it would be good for any back, but thank God I’m in that situation.”

(On if you are familiar with RB Darrell Henderson or RB Malcolm Brown’s game)

“Yeah, I’m a little familiar. I know (RB) Darrell Henderson he’s from Mississippi, which is where I’m from. So, I definitely saw a lot of him, just growing up in general and in high school. I definitely, definitely know who Darrell Henderson is and how he likes to run.”

(On if you like going to a team that doesn’t have an established running back and give you opportunity to play)

“It’s not a like or a dislike, it’s just the opportunity. Yeah, I like the opportunity, if that’s what you’re asking.”

(On where you are now)

“I’m in Mississippi.”

(On if he’s in his childhood house)


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