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Rams K Samuel Sloman Quotes 4/25/20


(On what it meant for him to hear is name called in the NFL Draft and what it meant to him being selected by the Rams with an open position at kicker)

“I mean, it meant everything. Everybody hopes to get their name called. Through this process, we talked about putting ourselves in the best situation and the Rams were one of those teams. It just meant the world. I’m excited for the opportunity to come in and compete for a wide-open job. I’m excited for that.”

(On if he thought the Rams were less likely to pick him after signing two kickers in free agency)

“Yes sir, I was kind of thinking more free agency and that point, but I’ve been talking to Coach (John) Bonamego, Rams Special Teams Coordinator. He was up front and honest with me the whole time. So, I was kind of thinking free agency and then they started trading back a little bit and I thought there might have been a chance there.”

(On coming in to compete for the starting kicker job, after former Rams K Greg Zuerlein left after having success with the Rams and made big-time playoff kicks and if it adds pressure)

“No sir, I don’t think it really does, like you said I just got to go out there and do my job. (former Rams K) Greg Zuerlein was a lot of fun to watch, I love watching him kick the ball. So, I think it’s pretty cool to get the opportunity to try follow in his footsteps.”

(On how cool it is to be playing Head Coach Sean McVay being an alum of Miami of Ohio)

“That’s awesome. I mean we’re known for the cradle of coaches here – obviously, Coach McVay is one of the best, well-known coaches right now who has graduated from here. So, it’s pretty cool and that kind of means the world, I think its going to be really cool Miami connection that we have.”

(On if he has been to Los Angeles before and if he has, what his experience was like)

“Yes, I came one time. I went to the Rose Bowl when Georgia played Oklahoma. That was the only time I’ve been there, I didn’t really go around the city too, too much. I was out there for two days. I just know that the weather is a lot better there than it is here, which I’m excited about. I know there’s always a lot going on there, which is pretty cool.”

(On what it’s like for a kicker to workout during COVID-19)

“I don’t know what other people have been doing, luckily my school’s football field, I’m still able to get on that, so I’m still able to go practice and get in my kicks. I’ve got access to a gym, I’m the only one in there when it happens, but I’ve still been able to keep and maintain my main workout schedule I’ve been working on in January, February, March before the lockdown happened. It’s just there’s less people around now. I’ve got to take a little bit more film of myself now.”

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