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Penn State Players Press-Conference Post Iowa

Defensive End PJ Mustipher

On the team’s chemistry against Iowa:

“I’ve been playing football since I was young, and I can tell you that this group is one of the best I’ve been a part of. We’re a close knit group and we’ll enjoy this win for the next few hours. We’re on a mission and this win doesn’t stop here.”

On the play where he forced the fumble: “I shot through the gap and hit the running back, and I didn’t even realize it was a fumble. I wish I could have reacted and gotten on top of it for a scoop and score. My guys recovered it though, and I’m happy with that.”

Tight End Pat Freiermuth

On getting a ranked win away from home: “It’s huge. Obviously on national television it’s great to get that win and in a crazy environment like Kinnick Stadium. I remember Ohio State, Michigan, and all those games where they got beat, and we’re happy that we came here and got the W. It means a lot for confidence.”

On improving on offense: “I think with every game and every practice there’s room for improvement. With every area there’s room to grow. Not everything’s perfect, and we’re going to watch the film and grow from here.”

On Penn State’s offense and running out the clock:

“Our will [made a difference]. Our offensive line played great tonight, especially later in the game in creating holes.”

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