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Penn State Players Following Maryland Victory


Senior Defensive End Shane Simmons On his physical appearance coming into tonight’s game:

“I just wanted to pop out for the game, show out in front of my friends and family. I basically played with the whole Maryland football team at some point. I just felt real, real good tonight.”

On what was different in their execution tonight:

“This game was more personal because we are from Maryland and from the east coast. There is really some bad blood between.”

Sophomore Wide Receiver KJ Hamler On what Sean (Clifford) is like on game day:

“I would say he is really energetic, more than me. I am more calm on game day surprisingly. He is always yelling “lets go, this is our house!” stuff like that. He is always the hype man.

On how he felt about the atmosphere of tonight’s game:

“I was actually having fun with it. This is football, it’ll happen. I was enjoying it, and you probably won’t get this type of atmosphere. I think a lot of young guys were shocked getting all the boos, but they got to expect that.”

On how the team utilized the bi-week leading up to this game:

"We watched a lot of more film together, as a group and with the quarterbacks as well, just to read their coverages and know what options we have, and what routes we have just to run the coverages. I think taking advantage of that off week as more of a film study and just putting in all the work on the field.”

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