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Ohio State's Justin Fields Post-Conference vs. Michigan State


Q. Justin, congratulations. What happened from the first to the second quarter? 16 yards in the first quarter, three points; 296 yards and 24 points in the second. And that kind of sealed the deal in a way. JUSTIN FIELDS: Yeah, we just started out rough. The offense, we were kind of killing ourselves. We kind of got back together in the second quarter and did what we were supposed to do.

Q. This one looked like maybe the most physical challenge you've had yet. Seemed like a couple times you came out, looked like you were feeling it? JUSTIN FIELDS: I am right now.

Q. Did you need something like this to get the juices flowing, a real test into the bye week? JUSTIN FIELDS: Going into the week, we knew they were tough team. It wasn't surprising out there, all the physicality going on. But we prepared for it and I think we played tough today. And I think that's maybe why we got the W.

Q. What adjustments did you guys make in the second quarter? JUSTIN FIELDS: We didn't really make that many adjustments. We were just kind of ourselves. We didn't make any adjustments we kind of did what we were supposed to do and just kind of execute.

Q. Along those lines, it was almost like you all hit a big play and then have to scuffle, and then hit another big play to get it kind of going. Did it feel like that on the field? It was sort of hit or miss. JUSTIN FIELDS: Yeah, that's just the game of football. Of course we like to keep those big plays going, but really all in all I'm just glad we got the win.

Q. You finally got picked off for the first time in your college career. Is that just part of it, or are you like kicking yourself about that one a little bit? JUSTIN FIELDS: I have mixed emotions about it because, aww, it was my first pick but it was also like, it's football. So it happens. I wasn't really frustrated from it.

I think you all jinxed me about it talking about it so much last week, but it's all good. Just got to move on to the next game.

Q. The touchdown pass to Victor, what happened on that? You look like you drifted right, and you draw the safety, came up kind of put him in the middle. (Indiscernible) you and Victor, what he does with the ball after that was pretty special as well. JUSTIN FIELDS: That was a great play, great play by Coach, just the way we practiced it. Just going over it a lot of times in practice, I think that helped execute it in the game.

Q. The bye week comes up here next week and I'm wondering because of the physical nature of this game and you guys have bumps and bruises, it's going to be real. Is it a perfectly timed bye week? Do you think this is a perfect position for it? JUSTIN FIELDS: At least for me it is because this is definitely the most banged up I've been after a game, so I'm definitely glad we have a bye week next week. I think we're all just get in the training room, just get our bodies back right, just get ready for the game.

Q. That first series that you came out, we haven't seen many teams be able to get to you, rally you like that. What was going through your head after that first series? JUSTIN FIELDS: Really nothing really. You just kind of have to forget about that first series, see what we did wrong, see what we can improve on, just go on to the next series.

You can't really dwell on it for that long, just kind of see what we have to adjust and really just see what kind of adjustments we have to make going on to be successful.

Q. Along those same lines, did it cross your mind seeing that pressure that you were going to have to run a little more tonight (indiscernible)? JUSTIN FIELDS: I mean, not really. I've got to kind of just play the game. When you're out there, you're not really thinking about running a lot, so I'm just doing what I have to do to help the team win. And I really don't have much specific on that.

Q. What does it say about this offense that you could put so many yards on a defense that is respected nationally, that's at the top, among the best? JUSTIN FIELDS: I think of course Coach (indiscernible) offense, and we have a great O line, great running backs, great receivers. So I think once we put it all together, I think we showed flashes, but we really weren't consistent the whole game on the offensive side of the game.

If we get better at that and be more consistent about that I think we'll definitely be one of the best offenses in the country.

Q. Things this year have been pretty easy for you. I'm wondering when you have a first quarter or a few plays like that where you start the game off and you're in a bad spot offensively, did you mentally prepare for being in a situation like this because you knew it was going to come? Or how do you emotionally handle it? You're a sophomore six games into this thing. JUSTIN FIELDS: When that stuff happens you have to just really forget about it. Coach says move on to the next play, settle down, settle down. He reminds me to keep settling down and play the game like it's practice because when the game comes on you go back to your training. So I think that's what we did a better job of in the second quarter.

Q. We talked about you throwing a pick off all week and you threw a pick today. What exactly did you see on that throw? JUSTIN FIELDS: It was a roll-out play, and Garrett Wilson was playing X, he was supposed to clear the corner out They were in zone, and the corner fell off K.J. That's what happened. I didn't see the corner falling off, so it's on me.

Q. Just follow up on the pass to Victor -- to run the ball (indiscernible) -- JUSTIN FIELDS: Yeah, if nobody's out there then I can run. But it's mainly a pass play, but of course if it's not open you throw the ball away or tuck and run.

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