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Nebraska's RB Dedrick Mills Press Conference vs. Maryland 11/18/19

On how his body is feeling after the Wisconsin game “It feels pretty good, it’s a little banged up, but that’s what I’m going to treatment for right now so I can get ready for Saturday.”

On the message entering this week “Focus on what’s right ahead, one game at a time. Just preparing and getting ready for this week and ready to go out and get this game going and win.”

On the offensive line’s performance Saturday “They blocked really well and we see these big holes and gaps we probably didn’t see at the beginning of the season as they progress throughout the rest of the season. They’ve slowly picked up more and more stuff and started blocking better and better each week. They are ready to play and are going to continue to do the same thing.”

On Coach Held and Coach Frost’s response to his performance “I played like a dog, I ran the ball really well, ran hard, physical and I didn’t let one person stop me so they pretty much congratulated me on that, I didn’t let one person stop me I just ran it hard.”

On if his performance Saturday helped earn the trust of his teammates and coaches “Most definitely. I’ve been able to show a lot of my team what I can really do and produce on the field and I feel like I earned a lot of that trust from them.”

On if he got dinged up in the second half  “I was good, just subbing in and out at this point.”

On what he needs to improve on moving forward “I particularly need to improve on route running coming out of my breaks and just using the stiff arm better.”

On the Wisconsin defense  “I feel like they had a good read, they played a pretty good group. They tried to set the edge a lot so we knew we had to make a play or do something at some point.”

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