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Nebraska's RB Dedrick Mills Press Conference 11/11/19


Dedrick Mills Junior, Running Back On mindset in the second half  “Just be ready for whenever they need me. If they need me to go out in the second half. I’m just always ready. I don’t really think too much of it. [I’m] just ready to go at all times.” On Wisconsin  “They just play physical and hard and they make them (the quarterbacks) come down hard and they try to disrupt stuff. You [have] to get in their way and not let them disrupt them and get in front [of] the quarterback’s way so you get the ball out.” On Wisconsin and twists  “I wouldn’t say they do the most twists and stuff. They line up pretty wide trying to set up the edges, not let the ball get outside. We [have] to do everything we can to get the ball outside when we need to and make the runs.” On having a dual-threat quarterback against Wisconsin  “We [have] to put in a few things to install to get them off their feet, get them on balance. Get us some good runs here and there. It’s all about [we have to] perfect the plays and be detailed and assigned to our job on the field.” On playing physical teams  “It’s been a nice experience. I’ve felt different people, different hits. When you’re running the ball I don’t feel different hits like that. I feel like some people bring it, some people don’t. Just [have to] be willing to give everything you've got every play.” On big games and motivation  “Just being able to wake up on this campus and be in the position I am. Just having an opportunity to possibly go to the next level wherever. That just motivates me and being able to do this for my family back home and whatever. Just for them to be able to get up and watch me play the game I love to do everyday.” On the bye week  “I feel like we got better. We basically both bye weeks worked on little details and the little things, and I feel like we got better with all those little details and just have you go out in the game this week and perfect. You should see a change in some of the things that we probably failed on.”

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