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Nebraska's QB Adrian Martinez Press Conference 11/11/19


Adrian Martinez Sophomore, Quarterback

On if there is a renewed spirit in the locker room “I would say so. I think the whole team is really motivated to finish strong and continue to get better each day in practice.” On what he learned from playing Wisconsin last year “We were playing from behind most of that game. Offensively, I thought we had some opportunities. I think there were opportunities that we missed, and it came back to bite us. I think they are always a good team, a stout defense and we have to take advantage of our possessions. Their offense is the type of unit that will run the ball a lot and take a lot of time off the clock, so we have to take advantage of the plays you do get.” On what impresses him the most about the Wisconsin defense “Their ends are really talented. They have a solid linebacking corps. They are a solid unit. I think they’ve played pretty well all year. They play hard. We notice that as a unit offensively, and we are going to have to bring our “A” game.” On what he liked about his performance from the Purdue game and what he thought he could improve on “I felt like we played hard. I think the guys wanted it out there. Not much has changed for me personally on my stance. From that game, the things I thought I missed right after the game are the things I saw I missed watching it a few days later. I’ll take that one. That one is on me. I thought the guys played well enough around me to win that game, and I didn’t perform my best, and that’s on me.” On if he agrees that Nebraska hasn’t been playing without a fear of failure the last couple of games “I wouldn’t agree that we have gotten away from it necessarily, but even more the reason now to go out their and let it rip as Austin [Allen] put it. Leave it all out on the field. We have a guaranteed three games left. All three good opponents that we are excited about. There is no reason to not go out there and give it our all and leave it all out there on the field.” On if Wisconsin’s time-consuming offense changes the way on how fast Nebraska’s offense will play “No, I think we are going to play our game. I think it’s less about all of that, speeding it up , slowing it down, or whatever the case may be and more about valuing the time you have the ball. Not turning it over, playing a clean game and taking advantage of the possessions we get, like I said earlier. They’re a stout defense and a good team. They know how to play their game." On how the bye week was for him “I wouldn’t say I did anything different. It was nice to regroup and get with the guys and have some down time.”

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