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Nebraska's Dedrick Mills Pre-Press Conference vs. Northwestern


On working with the quarterback under center  "I was very comfortable. It was part of the offense I used to run at Georgia Tech, so it felt normal to me. I was happy to be running the ball the same way again." On practicing the formation  "We've been practicing it for awhile. Just decided to bring it out this game because we knew they weren't expecting it. We hit them with a couple big runs." On success in practice  "Oh, most definitely. I had a good feel for it in practice. Just doing the same thing I did in the game is the same thing I did in practice. The way I practice [is] the way I play." On the formation suiting Mills  It's simple because I played at Georgia Tech before. It's something I was used to. They thought I was the perfect back for it." On if they had scored a touchdown  "Probably could have changed a huge part of the game, but that's it. Right now we're just focusing on Northwestern and what they're going to do and what they've got coming on this week." On having to block  "I do what's best for the team. If I have to block, then that's what I do. I feel like I did pretty good at blocking this past week. I got some of my job done." On what he learned after this game  "You've got to keep everybody engaged, everybody happy. You've got to keep everybody lifting. I wasn't sad. It was a tough game but at the same time, you've got to learn to keep your head up. Keep fighting." On the fans staying "I enjoy the fans here. They are the most loyal fans I've ever [seen] or been around. I just love the fans here." On the 24-hour rule  "Just preparing for this week coming up. That's just what I do." On this morning's response to Saturday  "Everybody came to practice ready to go. They're pretty good this morning. Everybody's just ready for this week. Come back and hit Northwestern strong." On Northwestern's defense  "I haven't watched too much yet so far. From the stuff I watched this morning, I watched the game from this past weekend. They're pretty solid. We've just got to find a way and keep practicing." On his improvement  "Most definitely I've gotten way better. My position coach, Coach [Ryan] Held, tells me after every game, you're staring to get a good feel. After every game, every Sunday I come in for brunch. I see one of my position coaches there [he] says, 'hey you're starting to get a good feel for this,' so I've been making the right cuts, the right moves." On mentality after his start to the season "Just be patient and slow down. That's all." On whether he has changed his running style  "It's changed a huge amount. Just got to slow down, be more patient, and find holes. I saw it's changed." On slowing down  "Being more patient, like running in the ball, getting the ball, and [isn't] just getting the ball and going full speed. Go find your blocks, find your hole and hit it."

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