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Nebraska's CB Dicaprio Bootle Press Conference 11/11/19


Dicaprio Bootle Junior, Cornerback

On the challenges, he will face against Wisconsin as a defensive back “We are just going to have to show up more in run support to help the guys out upfront. They are very capable of making tackles, but we will be there right alongside of them to help them make tackles, as well as still defending the pass heavily.”

On what the team’s goal is “Stop making the same mistakes as we did before and just go out there and execute to finish games. Just end the season the right way. We have three games and we are looking to go 3-0, taking it one game at a time. This week we are looking to do 1-0. After that, then we will look to the next game and try to finish out the season strong.”

On how he played in past games “It looked just like how I felt. Being out there, it was a new feel and it just looked like I knew what I was doing, I was prepared. There were a couple of things that could have gotten cleaned up, a couple of thing that could have been fixed - and that is in any game at any position. There is always room for improvement. It was a strong showing from me.”

On being able to play more than one position “With certain positions sometimes you have to have certain skill sets and I am blessed to be interchangeable between just about any position in the secondary. What it really looks like in our meetings if Coach [Travis Fisher] is talking to the safeties then he is really talking to the corners, too. And if he (Coach Fisher) is talking to the corners, then he is really talking to the safeties, too. We all learn the same stuff so that way we go out there able to execute. He (Coach Fisher) could throw anybody from the corner position and throw them at safety in the game and he should be able to go in and function and operate and keep the ball rolling. This isn’t anybody’s first time from a safety moving to corner in the middle of a game.”

On if he is willing to play either safety or corner “Definitely, wherever they need me, I won’t even hesitate. Wherever they need me, if they feel like it is our best chance at winning the game or if they feel like it will best help me in the game, then I will do it. No matter what. No questions asked.”

On Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor “He is a hard runner. He is a hard runner, a very fast guy in the open field when he gets space with the ball. He makes things happen. He is determined to get into the end zone no matter how long the distance. We just have to do a good job of getting multiple hats to the ball, all 11 guys just chasing the rock. All 11 might not get to the ball, but as long as all 11 are detailed in trying to get to the ball then we have [done] a pretty job at trying to slow them down and trying to stop them, but he is a great back. Great backs can make plays, we just have to cap it off more than he can get great plays going on us.”

On the young defensive backs “I just kind of let them know that they are blessed because the redshirt rule wasn’t the same when I first came. If I even stepped on the field my redshirt was gone. They have opportunities in some late games to get in the game. Or even in some games, they might have a special teams role. It just helps prepare them going into the next game. So I just tell those guys, they are in a good position, a better position than I was when at their point in their carrier. I just tell them to stick through with it and learn as much as you can. Once you really get that full-time role you know you will be ready for it because you prepared yourself the right way.”

On limiting the amount of time Wisconsin has the ball “We just have to tackle and get them off the field as fast as possible. They will milk the clock. I think last year on the opening drive, it was probably one of the longest opening drives that I have seen any team put together. They really took their time taking the ball down the field. As long as we get them off the field early it gives the [Nebraska] offense a chance to get on the field and make something happen. It helps us in trying to win the game.”

On getting/giving advice “I think we are all just together trying to keep cranking this thing out. Guys talk amongst each other just being in the locker room and just uplifting everybody’s spirits and rally around each other, and we will still play for each other and we still have each other’s backs. Everything hasn’t been perfect, but as long as we keep fighting and keep pushing forward then eventually good is going to happen. A lot of guys are driven by that, a lot of guys are driven by going out there to play for their brother as well as playing for themselves, too. A lot of guys are driven by that.”

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