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Nebraska's CB Cam Taylor-Britt Press Conference 11/11/19


Cam Taylor-Britt Sophomore, Defensive Back On his health “A lot better, I’m a lot better. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I was stuck in bed, watching the game, sick to my stomach but I’m a lot better now.”  On how hard it was to watch the game but not play  “Very hard, because I love football. It was kind of tough just sitting there watching my teammates go to battle without me out there. We’re going to get it right.”  When he found out he wouldn’t be playing  “It was kind of during the week. I didn’t practice that week of course, but I kept going to the doctor to get check ups and things, and they told me it was a no-go this week. So that kind of hurt you know, just not knowing that I could be out there with them but we’ve got to get it done.”  On the defense’s play  “They actually did good to me. Dicaprio [Bootle] had his own, we’ve got some things to work on if he’s going to be back there, but I believe Braxton [Clark], he came out and played like a vet. He held his own as well. The ball was thrown his way and he was going to go get it. I think he's got a chance to prove himself this past game, and Dicaprio [Bootle] as well, playing safety. A position he hasn’t played all year, just to come in and be able to just jump right in there and move in flow, just like it was.”  On how the team will adjust with injury changes  “I believe coach [Fisher] knows that everyone in this group can switch positions, you know that’s one thing we try to focus on. Playing corner, you need to know what the safety has as well. So just in case we do have an injury or a sickness just like I had, somebody can move around to that position and play that position and anything won’t change." On the team’s renewed spirit after the bye week  “I can say it is a new spirit in the locker room, after the bye week we had a great practice, everybody came together to regroup, fix the mistakes they had in the Purdue game, they just have got to come together. I wasn’t playing but like I did say to them, I saw what happened and I know some things that we can fix, so let’s fix it this week because this is a big game."  Challenges of playing Jonathan Taylor  “He’s a great back, you could say that. We just need to fill our gaps and keep our eyes clean, and play great football because you know they want to mess with our eyes and put us in different situations where we mess ourselves up, and we need to just make the right play.”  On mistakes other defenses have made against Wisconsin  “Not hitting their right gaps, not fitting the run. Not trying to make the big hit, but just get them to the ground, play real football and not just rugby or something like that.”  On the challenges of long drives for Wisconsin’s offense  “We have got to get our offense the ball back, you know get some points on the board because they will hold the ball and the whole first quarter they could, we just have to get the offense the ball back. You know a fumble, a sack strip fumble, something just to get the offense the ball back so they can score.”  On the poor third-down numbers and how that affects the team  “One thing that Coach Chinander tells in the locker room is don’t dwell on the last play, just move on to the next play. You may mess up but don’t dwell on it because you may mess up the next play as well thinking about the last play. Just move on and we’ll fix it on the sidelines.”  What stands out about Wisconsin quarterback Jack Coan  “He’s a very cool, calm, and collected kind of guy. He’s very smooth. He can get the ball out to his receivers and he is not afraid to sit in the pocket as long as he needs to to get that ball off, but we just have to get pressure on him and get to him actually.”

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