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Nebraska's Cam Taylor-Britt Pre-Press Conference vs. Northwestern

On what you learn after the Ohio State game “I really can’t tell you honestly, a loss is a loss. We didn’t put it all on the line like we said we were as a team. Somebody can do it individually, but overall it has to be a team.” On the reaction at practice today “Everybody flipped a switch, you know. We can’t come off a loss and into practice sluggish. We have to up it back up, because we are onto a new week and now, we’ve got Northwestern.” On the next two games “We plan to go 2-0. That’s the plan. That’s what’s in our minds right now and we have to come out and click from the first drive. First snap, first kickoff, return or anything that’s our plan, we've got to win our next to games.” On lack of communication on defense “For them to score that many points there had to be something missing. Communication was one and that’s a big thing on the defense. You have to know what he knows. You have to know everything on the defense. You have to talk and make sure everybody knows what’s up.” On being an every-down player this season “It’s pretty fun. It’s actually amazing, especially at the position that I am. There’s a lot of pressure on the DBs in college football and the NFL and in college football because one messed up play and that’s a touchdown. I love pressure, our room loves pressure, and we like that. It's kind of great.” On the message to the true freshmen “I just tell them it’s all about competition. Nobody is going to give up their spot to anyone. If you want to get on the coach’s good side or whatever, you've got to do the extra things, sit in the office with them and have a talk for a minute.” On the importance of shaking off Saturday “It’s very important. We can’t let Ohio State beat us twice. We have to let it fall off. That’s a loss on the schedule and now it’s on to the next.” On the film room discussion after the Ohio State game “Nothing honestly, we just have to get back to it, fix our mistakes and on to the next like I said.” On big takeaways from film “Like you said, communication. Everybody has to talk. We have to give our signals, so everybody knows that we are all together.” On the message at halftime “We just had to get back in the locker room and talk it out. Make sure we were all on the same page, draw it up on the board. If somebody doesn’t know something, make sure they know it and get together as a defense and make it click.” On last year’s Northwestern game “One of their guys had 10 catches on two of our DBs last year. That can’t happen. We can’t let one guy beat our team. We have to come out and push it, and this year it can’t be like that. For us to win, we have to play as a team.”

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