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Jets' QB Sam Darnold Quotes 8.19.20


Opening Statement… Yeah, it’s been a few days of practice, every day we’re just looking to get better. We have been, we’ve been building off every single day. And it’s been really good so far, just to get back out there. You know I was just saying to Jared (Winley) on the way up, it was just really good to get things going again, and feels good to be back. Obviously, we’re not meeting in person, but it almost feels normal, so it’s been good.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Sam, can you talk a little bit about your relationship with (Breshad) Perriman and just kind of the chemistry you guys have been able to build in such a short period of time and what kind of a receiver he is for a quarterback? Yeah, it’s been great so far. He just does all the little things right, which is all you ask for. He comes in, does everything he needs to do, gets his lift in, he’s very good in meetings, he knows what he’s doing on the field too, which obviously is the most important part. So, he’s been really good so far and we’re just looking for him to have a have a big year for us and contribute in a big way.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Sam, was the first time that you met Perriman at the Florida get together down there? And if that’s true, then, everyone talks about his speed, could you just talk about your initial exposure to that speed and throwing to that kind of speed? Yeah, well the first time we met, I actually called him right when I saw that we signed him and then I was able to meet him in person in Florida. So, yeah, he’s a great dude. And then, yeah, he’s super explosive, very explosive athlete, gets in and out of cuts. Big dude as well. So, he’s everything you want in a receiver and again we’re just looking forward to having him this year.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Hey Sam, if I could ask you a question about Quinnen (Williams) on the other side of the ball. You came in, obviously similarly, very high draft pick, there’s always a burden of expectation guys, you know and you always would say, “Hey listen, I’m my toughest critic and what not,” but you know what the outside preceptions are and what not. Could you talk a little bit about what you saw at out of Quinnen last year? If there were any times where maybe you spoke to him, you know, about the expectations or managing them or whatever and what you see out of him this year, how different he looks this summer? Yeah, Quinnen’s a great player, a great personality off the field too, just a funny man. Quinnen, he’s going to make plays, I mean that’s his thing right? Like I said about Perriman, he’s explosive, he’s quick off the ball, our O-Line talks about how good he is, so I mean he’s a really good player, he’s always making plays in the backfield. For him. it’s always just going to be doing the little things right, making sure he does his assignment every single play and that goes for everyone on the team really. That’s the emphasis this year and he’s been doing a great job as far as I can see out in practice so far.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam, Adam (Gase) said that about you, everything’s faster. He said watching you just everything was faster. Can you feel that? And in what ways do you feel like everything’s faster? Yeah, I’m just feeling more comfortable. I mean, second year in the system, I feel more comfortable and everything, you know, when I call a play, I see it already so I’m worried about the defense where at this time last year I might have been worried about, ‘Okay, what way is the formation, what way is the play, where am I going?’ so I feel like I’m definitely more worried about the defense, more than I am more about what we’re doing because right when I say a play I can already envision it, already know what we’re doing so. It’s a big difference from where I was at this point last year.

Brian Costello, New York Post: I think it was Connor McGovern, one of the linemen, did an interview with the team site and mentioned that you had spoken to the team maybe Friday, Saturday, somewhere in that area. Is that different for you? Do you feel more comfortable now kind of doing that in your third year? You’re only 23, but you are one of the guys who’ve been around here longest now? Yeah, I definitely feel more comfortable. That’s definitely not you know my style, talking and having a speech in front of the team, but, no, I definitely feel more comfortable doing it and I had some things to say so I felt like it was the right time for me to speak up and say it. Yeah, it was definitely something that I’m continuing to get better at but, yeah, I just felt like the time was right and so I decided to speak up.

Charles McDonald, New York Daily News: Sam, I was wondering if you had any words of wisdom for Quinnen Williams last year as he was navigating the season as a high draft pick and you had done the same, like if you had any tips for him as a rookie last year? No, I didn’t really have any tips that would stand out. I think the biggest thing that guys were telling me, which he is really good at, is just making sure you’re on the details of your work, making sure that you understand your assignment because when you understand your assignment and you’re confident in that, you already know what you’re going to do on the field, you already believe in yourself as a player, and you’re going to believe in yourself that much more if you’re confident in knowing the system and knowing what to do assignment wise. So, I was just telling him to be good on the details and, but his room tells him that all the time, like big Steve (McLendon) and them are on him about that and he’s doing a really good job so far.

Ralph Vacchiano, SNY: Sam you’ve obviously been without Denzel Mims for a few days in camp which I can’t imagine is a good thing for a rookie. What kind of things are you doing to help him on the side and to try to keep him as up to speed as possible? Yeah, we’re doing everything we can. I mean, just making sure that he’s good with the playbook. That’s really it so far and right now it’s his leg so we’re making sure that he’s catching balls, doing everything he can that way but, yeah he’s just in his book all the time and making sure it gets his stuff down.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: What’s it like having a six foot seven, 370-pound man (Mekhi Becton) protecting your blindside? Yeah, it’s comforting. Being back there and it’s a good feeling when you have a lot of confidence in your o-line and we’re excited to have big Bec (Becton) and I think he’s going to be a very, very special player.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Is there a concern? I mean, you always had (Kelvin) Beachum back there and you knew Beachum was a veteran guy and he wouldn’t make any mental mistakes. With a rookie is there some concern that you know maybe he posed an assignment, you don’t see a guy coming, a free rusher? I mean, with Gregg’s (Williams) defense we’ve seen it all. We’ve been seeing a ton of blitzes these last couple weeks. And so, for him he’s been seeing everything, which is good, and he’s been adapting really fast. He’s a very quick learner, he’s very good with the playbook and understanding schemes. He’s picking it up super, super fast, which I’m very happy about, and I know our whole o-line is really happy about, our whole team is so, again, just really excited to see how high the ceiling can be for this kid.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam what have you seen from (Chris) Herndon so far and do you guys kind of feel like you’re back to where you were last summer when you’re working together? Yeah, Chris is making plays man, he’s making plays all over the field and it’s good to have him back.

Dennis Waszak Jr., Associated Press: Sam what are you seeing out of Jeff Smith? He’s a guy who’s a former quarterback and is getting a lot of run with all the injuries, what are you seeing from him? Yeah, Jeff’s great. He has a great understanding of the offense and he’s explosive. He gets in and out of cuts really well. Obviously, he has some things to work on, but he’s working on them every single day, day in and day out. He’s been really good for us and, again, I think Jeff’s a kid that can really have an impact for us this year as well.

Dennis Waszak Jr., Associated Press: Do you think him being a former quarterback helps him with the offense, kind of get some things down as far as converting to receiver? For sure.

Dennis Waszak Jr., Associated Press: Is it something that you could do? I feel like I’m a little biased. But yeah, you know I think being a quarterback and just having to understand where everyone is and where everyone’s lined up, what routes everyone’s running, having to read things based on coverage. Having that mindset definitely helps you out when you start moving to receiver, for sure.

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