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Jaguars' WR Laviska Shenault, Jr. Quotes 4.25.20


(On his thoughts about being drafted in the second round) "Definitely had first round hopes, but, I mean, at the end of the day it is what it is. I understand everything happens for a reason, but I'm just ready to work, to be honest. That's really all there is to that."

(On his physicality on the field) "That's how I live my life, being tough and I take it to the field. So anytime you see me you see it's being tough."

(On why he likes to be known as a football player rather than just a wide receiver) "I think I'm an athlete. I think I can move around everywhere and do anything that's at task, you know, and dominate in different places, do what everyone loves."

(On why he describes himself as a mix of Jarvis Landry, Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones) "I said Jarvis Landry because everyone knows he plays with that dog mindset and that dog mentality and he says it and he makes it known. He's not a big receiver at all, it's not about the size, it's about the attitude he plays with and how aggressive he plays, and I think I do the same thing. Larry Fitzgerald, he's just like a business person. When he gets on the field you already know he's strictly about business and he's gonna get the job done. Julio Jones, he's just a freak and he can do anything; do everything. We've seen him do everything so that's just that can-do-everything type of athlete and I think I can do the same thing."

(On how he feels about playing with Gardner Minshew II) "I'm excited, I can't wait. Just ready to get that bond together and it all starts with the bond and I can't wait to definitely, definitely get on the field."

(On if he kept track of Minshew Magic) "I didn't, not as much, but I know when he started playing he definitely made a mark, but I didn't keep that much attention towards it."

(On whether his father passing is his motivation and if there's any correlation with his dreadlocks) "I think it's just part of my motivation. I think I have a couple of motivation things that's the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing. And my dreadlocks, when my dad died I just decided not to cut them no more and I like them, of course. It's my fashion."

(On what it means to be drafted to the NFL) "I think it's just another door open, just another level unlocked. There's plenty more levels to it so I'm not stopping right now, and just gonna keep on leveling up. It's all actions." 

(On how scoring six rushing touchdowns as a sophomore at the University of Colorado will translate to the NFL.) "Most definitely. I love getting the ball anywhere I can create mismatches. I love getting the ball in my hands when its right off the snap too. That's just what I like to do. I like to gain those yards. It doesn't have to be easy, it can be hard. But I definitely like to get the ball to me quick and get those hard yards and those red zone yards. So, yeah I'm definitely looking forward to it." 

(On how scouting reports mention his lack of speed from his 40-yard time, but that does not equate to his proven speed for breakaway plays on the football field.) "First off, my 40 time, I ran that while needing surgery. So that was the hard thing, just not being able to put in all the work I wanted to because it was mostly rehab and rest the whole time prepping for the combine. So that was the bad thing about that."

(On what would be a true 40 time if he was perfectly healthy.) "If I was perfectly healthy, I really think anywhere between 4.39-4.44."

(On why he chose to attend University of Colorado over schools like LSU and Alabama.) "Making this decision was really more of what feels right. Also, Colorado used to be a team that was very good. If you watch the 30 for 30's you see how aggressive they play and how good they were. I just wanted to try to bring that back as much as possible."

(On how much he met with the Jaguars prior to the draft, how those conversations went and what the Jaguars said they liked about him.) "I think I did meet with them at the combine and I had just a lot of talks with the receivers coach [Keenan McCardell]. He said he just liked me overall, he likes me as a player, and he likes how I can move around everywhere and just dominate in every position. We didn't spend that much time together though; it wasn't like a lot of time. It was kind of shocking to be honest." 

(On how excited he is to play for his new wide receiver coach, Keenan McCardell.) "Very excited. It's always good to be under somebody who has a lot of experience. I'm just ready to get over there to learn and just get better every day."

(On plans to shave off the dreads for the NFL.) "No."

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