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Jaguars' DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson Quotes 4.23.20

Updated: Aug 19, 2020


(Opening statement) "I just wanted to say thank you. I'm excited to be a Jaguar. Thank you for the opportunity that Mr. Khan gave me. Everything about this process has been wonderful so far, Coach Marrone and Dave Caldwell as well. I'm excited man! Ready to get going!"

(On his comment made during the combine about hiring someone who speaks three languages instead of one and making an impact) "Yes, yes that's directly where it speaks. I obviously I feel like my best spot right now is rushing the quarterback. I feel like when all in doubt put me in and I'll get to the quarterback. But I feel like my versatility is so critical. I'm not saying I'm like Tyrann Mathieu, but I play like him and you never know where he's at on the field. He plays different positions: back end, corner, safety or whatever the case may be. Players like that are critical in today's game. And I feel like my versatility allows me that but at the same time, whichever the Jaguars want me to play I'm willing to do without hesitation."

(On how others may have said the same about Isaiah Simmons and not about him) "No, not at all. I have never been the type to feel any type of way compared to someone else. He's a great player, I watched his game a lot, he's someone that can't be stopped. I feel like that's just a blessing that comes with this game and whether I get the attention or not, I know my talent level and I know the things I need to do for my team to win."

(On new teammates Josh Allen and C.J. Henderson) "One, me and Josh (Allen) were pretty cool. We've spoken before; I feel like that's a nice combination. Learning from him, he's a Pro Bowler and season-high rookie. I'd take knowledge from him, even show off my knowledge of the game, but learning from him, trying to excel at that level, and get those double-digit sacks and rushing on the defense I feel will be great. And I feel that was a great pick-up when it came to C.J. Henderson. I feel like I'll make your job a lot easier when coming to the game. I watched his game as well and he's an exceptional player obviously. We played against each other and with everything that's going on I just feel like the Jaguars did it the right way with the picks that they chose with me and C.J. (Henderson). And being on the opposite side of Josh Allen everything will go smoothly."

(On his conversations with the Jacksonville Jaguars during the combine) "I feel like, I'm not going to say it was, I didn't see it coming, but yeah obviously we had a meeting at the combine and were speaking with each other. But I felt like going into this with the great pass rusher they have in Josh Allen and on the opposite side of him the great pass rushers as well. I feel like they were very unique in that area and they weren't kind of too much help, but obviously I'm willing to come in and give it my best. I mean give it a go and do as much as I can to help the defense out."

(On making an impact as an outside linebacker) "One hundred percent I feel like I can impact, (even) if you put me at guard, ha, or center. That's just who I am, you know what I'm saying. But I just feel like they made a great decision when it came to choosing me. I feel like I'm just the best player when it comes to physical characteristics, mental – mentally, football IQ, just all around. Obviously being young everybody takes a shot at that, but you can ask anybody my mind is so mature."

(On his productivity as a previous leader and captain) "That's my biggest goal. I don't really care too much about the praise and recognition from others. My job's been my job, set the edge and get to the quarterback and do whatever it takes to get the team win. It's never really been about personal accolades. I had a thing about being a better teammate more than being a better player. I feel I'd rather take the long win in today's game and today's world. With that being said, obviously it's great to be known as one of the best players. My main goal right now is to be the best teammate I can be and help in any way possible."

(On the tradition and significance of wearing #18 at LSU) "It meant a lot. Obviously 18 is a tradition, it started with Matt Mauck, a quarterback who played at LSU. But it just shows true recognition of your character on and off the field, how you were raised and true leadership that you show, and to get that number coming off a season when I didn't play because of an injury, it meant a lot. There were a lot of guys on that team that deserved that number and there's a lot of high characters that were on that team. Obviously, you can tell with that by the outcome we got to last season, at the end of the season. We had a lot of high character guys, we don't even have to be the best talent but we're great with a load of talent and great leadership and character, that takes us a long way and that shows."

(On his relationship with DJ Chark Jr.) "That's my guy. Actually before the draft we talked, just wishing me the best of luck and just telling me how patience, obviously it's the draft and it can start looking real quick and things can get out of hand, but we speak a lot. He's somebody who I trust his opinion and everything he does with a high character and high leadership that he brings to the team, even back then to being the guy who he is now."

(On how he improved last season) "Obviously you have to get bigger, faster and stronger. Last time I played was my freshman year so coming really from a 17-year-old player, now I'm like a 19, 20-year-old playing this past season. I missed a whole year, so not really much I can tell too much about it being an improvement."

(On who were the most supportive people during the time of ACL injury) "The entire team. Most of them were all there for me no matter what. They would treat me like a regular player without an injury. Also, the entire coaching staff treated me well. Obviously, my grandparents, my mother and everyone's been treating me with high positive mindsets and great attitudes."

(On if they have always had LSU brotherhood or did this National Championship group change LSU Football) "No, man. It has been here since we stepped foot on campus. Even before that, we have always been really close. We try to always get better no matter how much success we get."

(On who is with him at his house and been there throughout his football career) "Definitely family, coaches from high school, friends and obviously the teammates that I have gained throughout the time. Everybody, really who has been a part of it, they have kind of been sticking through it and I just make sure that the relationship stays close."

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