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Jaguars' S Jarrod Wilson Quotes 8.14.20


(On his level of play this year compared to last year) "A lot better. I feel a lot more comfortable going through this whole process. With COVID-19 and everything, it has a little bit of obstacles to it. But as far as getting back to the flow of things, it feels pretty good. I have a year of starting underneath my belt so [I'm] just trying to pick up where I left off last year honestly."

(On playing with S Ronnie Harrison for the second year) "It's just like a feel thing. We're really close friends. That's my brother so it just feels good to get back out there and be with him. It's kind of like we're always on the same page. I know what he's thinking and he knows what I'm thinking."

(On leading the team in snaps played last season) "I guess that means I'm taking care of my body. It's not like it was a true goal of mine sort of speak. It's just honestly, I want to be out there as many snaps as I can, and I know that I just help the team win. I'm willing to stay out there whenever. I don't ever want to come out [of] the game. I wasn't counting snaps or anything like that though."

(On he ever was close to not playing a game last year due to injury) "Not close to not playing in a game. I definitely have my nicks and bruises for sure. I just try to just focus and stay out there and get ready for Sundays. I definitely was kind of banged up and everything, but that just comes with it."

(On his advice to players trying to make the roster this year without preseason games) "This year is unlike any other so it's definitely a difficult task without having that opportunity to showcase your talents to not only this team but every team. Every team watches the preseason games. But if anything, I've just been talking to a couple guys and undrafted guys about just being on the details of things- little things as far as being on time to meetings or a couple of minutes early. It's a saying a heard a long time ago that you'd rather be seen than heard, especially when you're a younger guy. So just show up, be ready to work and always just paying attention to the details. That will kind of give you a leg up on anything because that may not be the case with everyone."

(On the importance of being safe during this time) "Well, safety is the first and foremost thing just for everyone. With COVID-19, it's a real tough, sensitive situation, especially when we're all coming together [and] hadn't been around each other for quite some time. We get tested daily so it's mainly just staying safe and mask[ing] up at all times. I don't have to wear my mask right now, but I just know wearing it promotes people to make sure that they have theirs on at all times. It's just key. It's not really about you personally wearing the mask, it's about helping others out around you. Mainly just staying safe, keeping our distance from one another when we're not clearly on the field. Just being precautious, washing our hands and trying to stay as safe as possible because you don't want to take this home to a family member."

(On wearing his mask on the field) "Yeah, I did. That just was by choice. It's not like you have to wear your mask necessarily underneath your helmet, but I have. I'm trying to just see if I can get used to it and possibly play with it. I'm trying to be as safe as possible. It is kind of a little bit tough so I may not necessarily wear it underneath my helmet, but just was trying it out and giving a little look at it."

(On if he's being extra cautious about safety compared to most of the league for a reason) "Nothing in particular. I just know the severity of COVID-19. I've seen it firsthand. My fiancé is a nurse at Mayo Clinic, so she tells me a lot of stories about COVID-19. I had a couple of family members recently that had come up with it down in Columbus that I heard about. How close to home COVID has come to me, it's just a lot. I'm just trying to stay safe as possible and definitely not trying to get infected by it."

(On if he considered opting out of the season) "No, it wasn't a consideration for me, but [I] definitely ran through the parameters of it- just what would be the next steps going forward if I were to opt out. It was kind of short lived for me. I wanted to really for the most part be out with my teammates and I know that the NFL would do their job to keep us as safe as possible."

(On his first impressions of the offensive, especially WR Laviska Shenault Jr. and the new receivers) "Due to the social distancing, I haven't had the time to really just interact with them but I've seen them on the field and lined up against them. The first thing I thought was they were really athletic, a lot of speed. Honestly, I feel like they're ahead of the learning curve as far as being on the playbook, not being able to practice until today for the first time sort of speak. I feel like there weren't too many mess-ups on their end. I've seen them and I like both of their games. I've seen highlights and everything like that, but it'd be interesting to line up with them and go full speed in the next couple of days and weeks."

(On the turnover in the secondary of the Jaguars, maintaining their identity, and the new players added to the group) "I think, first, an identity just comes really from the definition of what makes you you, in my opinion. It's really not about the past or even the future, we're just living in the now with the guys that we have. I think every guy in the NFL is talented. Coming from me, I'm an underdog. I was undrafted. No one would say I'd be a starter in the league but here I am now starting. Every guy is important. I love watching CJ [Henderson], first-rounder. He's pretty smooth. I like how he moves. He moves really well. [We] still have D.J. [Hayden] in the room- he'll be inside at the nickel. Then my boy Tre [Herndon]- he's same as me, an undrafted guy. I expect a lot of big things from us. I'm not going to shy away from that. I think we're ready to lock up and roll this season. I'm pretty excited. It's the first day so I'm not going to go overboard with it, but definitely excited."

(On if the overall feel of the secondary unit this year is more quiet) "Yeah, for the most part. We're kind of laid-back guys, kind of chill, not doing too much, but on the field, we talk a lot. I talk a lot with Tre [Herndon]. Even CJ [Henderson]- I know he's kind of soft spoken, but he'll say some things. D.J. [Hayden] will always talk. Me and Ronnie [Harrison] are constantly talking. It's a lot of rookies in the room now too with the safeties and corners. They're not that shy either. It's really just getting together and knowing each other for the most part with the newer and younger guys, but we're kind of just a modest group to be honest with you."

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