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Jaguars' LB Joe Schobert Quotes 8.11.20


(On what it's been like adapting to Todd Wash's defensive scheme) "It's different terminology. We're playing a lot of defenses that we've played before but the terminology is different so it's just getting that ironed out and mentally flipped over from the old scheme to the new one and being able to communicate to the best of my abilities."

(On what it's like trying to gel with everyone without the preseason games) "It's definitely going to be different not having OTAs to get in, that's usually when the new guys get into the team and you start to create that bond. We had virtual [meetings], but you can only bond so much over a computer screen so it's going to be interesting this year for sure. I think the team that adapts to this new system best especially out of the gates this season will be performing the best. I think we have a good squad on the defense. The guys have been into it, they've been locked in and enjoying themselves too having fun out there playing football and hopefully that'll be able to take us the right way."

(On Leonard Fournette speeding past him at practice the other day) "I remember Leonard running a wheel route, but I don't remember him catching the ball so I'm not really sure what he's talking about. (laughter) He definitely has some wheels and I was at a disadvantageous situation, but it didn't get completed I could tell you that."

(On what he's seen out to Leonard [Fournette] and the offensive line so far) "Not so much so far just because we're just in walkthrough pace, at least the veteran guys, but as watching the offensive line they seem to be communicating well. They're definitely running fast in their walkthroughs to get to their blocks and assignment, so the want is there. It'll be a lot easier once we get the pads on though."

(On whether the Florida heat and humidity has gotten to him yet) "Oh yeah, 100 percent hotter than what I've been living in my whole life so far. I moved down here a little over a month earlier to start working out in the heat to get used to it so that's helped me a lot so far, but once you put the pads on, the helmet on, the sun beating down in the middle of the day I know it's going to be a struggle. It'll just get us in better shape in preparation for the season."

(On how his relationship with Myles Jack been developing and how he feels about his expectations for them as a duo as linebackers) "It's been good. Myles is a great guy. He's a loose character on the field, he likes to enjoy himself and get everyone else pumped up and it's great having a guy like that next to you in the linebacker room and I think I can be a bit of a steadying voice for him. We communicate very well back and forth with our checks and our talks pre-snap. It's been real good so far since I've been down here and being able to meeting him in person and talk and being able to work through somethings and I can only expect that to grow the further we get along in the training camp."

(On how he's doing with his living situation) "We were able to get a house situation set up down here in June. We were able to get out of the in-law's house which relief for everybody I think even though they were a little bit sad to see their grandson leave. I think it was best for everybody to get some space and to get out and we've slowly been building the furniture, setting up the furniture, the delivery has been a little slow with the Coronavirus situation but the house is filling in and everybody is comfortable."

(On how it is having a newborn during COVID-19 and if it was a concern) "I think there were thoughts of concern but once the NFL and protocols were put into place and the things we were going to be going through on a daily basis to keep everybody safe and healthy helped relieve some of the concerns I had. I think when you look at it with the overall risk factor for kids and even as young as newborns it's a very low-risk situation. With the combination of the protocols that we have in place here with the NFL and the low-risk numbers you see in the media in terms of kids and their health and safety with COVID-19, I think me and my family thought it was a pretty reasonable risk to take."

(On what it's like being with a new team and not really knowing what to expect, especially during a time such as now with COVID-19 happening) "Yeah it's just a different atmosphere, like there's no offseason the first time you get into the building with all these protocols a week or two ago and everybody is wearing a mask to it's hard to even tell who anybody is the first time you meet them. So it's just different especially being the new guy coming into a new team with new individuals and it's just a little bit of adversity everybody in the NFL has to overcome and adapt to and like I said earlier, I think the teams that are able to accomplish that the best are the ones you're going to start to see the year off in the best shape."

(On if it's a little more mentally exhausting going through these protocols rather than what he'd experience at a normal training camp) "No, not really. It's pretty similar, but there's less in person meetings and a little more virtual, but other than that I think it's pretty similar in terms from a mental standpoint."

(On if he's talked to one guy thinking it was someone else because everyone is wearing masks) "No, I don't talk that much so I don't have much of a risk of that but I haven't had that happen yet but I think I have people's names down to a point where that wouldn't happen."

(On his impressions of the young linebackers on the team such as Shaquille Quarterman and Quincy Williams) "I think they're doing a good job. Everybody in the linebacker room, I mean it's been a smaller linebacker room than I've had before in training camp. Everybody seems to be doing a good job putting their foot in once they step into the building everyday being serious, being workman-like and taking the coaching and applying it on the field. Shaq [Quarterman], Quincy [Williams], Nate Evans, all those guys are a lot better as [young players] than I would've expected in this environment because they had no offseason coming in and this is the first time they're really getting coached in person and they're doing a good job."

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