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Jaguars' DT Tim Jernigan Quotes 8.17.20


(On bringing his pro career to Florida after growing up playing in the state) "To me, it's a little deeper than just Florida. I was able to move to Lake City from Jacksonville. I moved to Lake City when I was about nine years old and until I was about eleven or twelve, I was back and forth between the two, staying with my brother. He was definitely a big mentor to me. In the summers, my mom would send me back here so I'm familiar with the area, I'm familiar with the team. I really feel like it's a blessing. I feel like [it's] a dream come true."

(On his first practice with the team) "Listen, that Florida heat, you know what I mean that was definitely the first thing. Practice went well, great tempo. Guys out there taking care of each other. You definitely realize everyone's out there practicing with a purpose. It's definitely straight to business. I'm just ready to be a part of it. I was glad I was able to come out and start knocking the rust off a bit and getting acclimated to everything- the scheme, the climate, all that good stuff. I'm just taking it day by day, man."

(On what he can bring to the defensive line group) "Whatever the team needs. If they need me to come in and be a heavy run guy, I can make that happen, I can do that. If they need me to get to the quarterback, I feel like I have the ability to do both. All I need to really do is just prove to everyone that I'm ready for that. That's the biggest thing. I have to prove my point that within the next three weeks that I'm ready for the task and I think I can do it."

(On his situation with the Houston Texans) "To be honest, I don't really want to talk about what happened in Texas too much. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to leave it where it's at. I'm in Jacksonville now. I'm just blessed that the Jaguars, when they called me and gave me the opportunity, they kept their word. They made a promise and they followed through with it so I'm going to give this team everything I got. I'm going to give them everything I got. Hopefully, I can end my career right here in Jacksonville."

(On his previous injury that has affected him the past two seasons) "It was actually a back injury. Honestly, it happened two or three years ago, and I haven't missed a game for that since the year that it happened. I haven't missed any games for it. Last year, I had a broken foot and that's why I missed six games last season. I never missed a game last year because of my back. It's just amazing that it keeps popping up. I'm ready to put it behind me and move on with my career."

(On being a Lake City native and being close to home in Jacksonville and on transitioning into full pads in his first day with the team) "You have to adjust fast, especially in this Florida heat. It definitely feels good being able to come home, especially with Lake City being right there. Like I said earlier, I actually went to school here, elementary [school] at some times. I went to Justina Elementary when I was a kid and then I moved to Lake City. But it damn sure feels good to be home, right here with Columbia down the road. It feels like I'm back in Columbia playing again- purple and gold. I'm definitely excited. I haven't been this happy to play football in a long time. I haven't been this happy in a long time."

(On how much he knew about the Jaguars before becoming part of the team and if he had spoken to former Jaguar Malik Jackson) "I never spoke with Malik about the team or anything like that, but I also knew a lot about the team. Like I said, elementary school, living in Justina. It was crazy because we had a Pop Warner team called the Justina Jaguars, right there across the street from our apartment complex. I remember as I kid, I had a little fake Mark Brunell jersey. It was horrible, horrible looking, but I had the Mark Brunell jersey and I had the little fake helmet. My sister was in middle school and I would lie to my sister when she came home and be like, "Hey, the Justina Jaguars need helping cheerleading across the street or whatever." I would stuff my fake jersey with clothes and shoulder pads and all this crazy stuff. I always knew about the team. [I] definitely was a big fan back when big John Henderson and Marcus Stroud were here. I definitely used to tune in. That was the good old days- we have to get back to that."

(On if he knew he was wearing John Henderson's number) "Of course. No, it wasn't intentional but when I came in and saw the 98, I took it as a compliment."

(On if he chose the number himself) "It was all coincidence, but Henderson and Stroud were my two favorite inside guys all-time, especially when they were together. They were dangerous."

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