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Jaguars' DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson Quotes 7.31.20


(On how the start of camp has been and what he is doing to get ready for the season) "First and foremost, I am excited to be here. The last time I've been on a football field was Jan. 13, so it's been a long time, so being here is a blessing. I am excited to be doing everything we have going on. My main thing right now is just being in shape and taking care of my body. Obviously, we don't have preseason games this year. Just really taking care of my body for the extended training camp that we have this year and for the long season. I have kind of been prepared for that, back at LSU with the 15-game season we had, but this is a 16-game season and hopefully we have plenty more after that. My main thing right now is just taking care of my body and just trying to limit as many things as possible since we get tested every day. I am excited and I am glad that I am coming back negative every time and I am able to be with the team. That is kind of the idea of what we have going on."

(On how much he thinks doing different drills in the offseason will help him out this season) "A lot, a lot. Everything is obviously strange right now with the limited access we have, so it's been hard to find some places to get some real work in as well try to stay socially distant from many people and try to stay safe. With the work that I get, I take full advantage of it and I try to get as much as I can and I am paying attention to all of the details. Not really more so trying to go hard and get everything, but trying to get every single technique and every single detail down and being able to bring that to the field and help the team."

(On how much he has leaned on Josh Allen) "We have been talking a lot. We actually worked out a few times as well with each other. I kind of look at him as the role model, someone to follow, after all of the success he had. I can say that people have bragged about his character and the way he's displayed around the facilities as someone that I want to be looked at like that as well. Like I said, I look at him like a big brother and he's kind of helped me welcome my way into the league and try to be a pro as best as I can."

(On the walkthrough wall device compared to the one at LSU) "Obviously we had it at LSU and it's the same thing here. It's been helping me tremendously. I learn great from the book, but even better when you walk me through things and I know we don't get as much time on the field as we want to and there's only so much we can do while we practicing with social distance. So, using the walkthrough room to we kind of get the physical work of it and it's been helpful a lot."

(On his opinion of playing against CJ Henderson in college to now being on the same team) "Great player, great player. He was having a great battle with our top receiver and not too many cornerbacks could match up with him so once I saw that, I was a fan of his already. Obviously I wasn't speaking it too loud and we would keep it to ourselves, but he was a nice player and just to see him at that game and go back and forth with the top receiver in college football it's a blessing to have him on my team and makes my job a lot easier. Hopefully I can make his job a lot easier, as well."

(On how helpful it is to have a rotation of guys on defense with him) "Extremely helpful. Josh Allen had an amazing year last year, being a Pro Bowler and having Yannick Ngakoue as well. Those two guys who cause so much attention and is not really a side you can double team. slide to in and having a great Defensive Line makes a great defensive unit. It makes everybody's job a lot easier if a quarterback can't get the ball off, it makes it even better. So, playing next to those to guys is a blessing and learning from them too it only gets better and helps the team a lot."

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