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Jaguars' CB CJ Henderson Quotes 7.31.20


(On how he has handled social distancing practices) "It's been crazy. We are learning how to adapt and live in these strange ways. I don't know, it's just different for everyone, so we are just trying to find a way since it's new for all of the guys here."

(On how he thinks playing as a starter in college will translate over to playing in the NFL.) "I think that helped me out a lot with the competition I have been against from day one in the SEC. I think that will help me translate my confidence and stuff like that. I'm ready to go out there and help the team in any way I can."

(On if he has still been able to train with some of his college teammates) "Yes, most definitely. I am always up there [at Florida]. It's right around the corner, so I am used to the drive."

(On the complexity of the NFL defense compared to college) "I was prepared a lot for this. It's pretty much the same scheme, it's just a little bit faster and a little more plays but I think they have the same mindset, the same progressive mindset and they like the players on the same defense so it's not too difficult for me to adapt to."

(On if it's helpful to have walkthroughs and virtual meetings) "Most definitely. I'm a very open guy so I like to hear about guys upbringings and how they got here as well so I can train with those guys and know their perspective on ball and how they play, so that helps we out a lot as well."

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