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Jaguars' CB CJ Henderson Quotes 4.23.20

Updated: Aug 19, 2020


(On reaction with the family and how it was different than walking across the stage) "Yeah, it was huge. I had most of my main family members, mom, dad, brother, and sister. And I had my agent as well and we all just enjoyed the moment and soaked everything in. The experience back at home is the same feeling you have at the draft and still thankful that I got the opportunity, so I am taking advantage of that."

(On the big shoes he has to fill with Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye gone) "I'm good. Yeah, I'm definitely ready to take on the challenge. I'm ready for it."

(On Todd Grantham's comment about being the best CB he has ever coached) "I think that's huge coming from a coach like him and the great corners that he has coached. That's huge and being the top dog. That's a huge honor and I'm thankful for that and I'm continuing to work."

(On meeting and interactions with the Jacksonville Jaguars leading up to this) "Actually I met with the Jags like three times and basically getting to know each other and seeing what type of person I was. They told me the great things Jawaan (Taylor) told them about me and they felt great about me. And I'm thankful they gave me the opportunity."

(On a CB in the NFL that he likes to watch and tries to emulate) "Oh yes, I like to watch Patrick Peterson. I feel he has a very similar style to the way I play."

(On the challenge of facing receivers and his cover skills) "I'm very smart and very athletic, and I plan to use that to work on and in the film room. I plan to use both of those added onto my athleticism and I plan to dominate."

(On his demeanor) "I describe myself as very reserved, and guys get that misconception that I'm quiet. But no, I'm pretty reserved and open to people that know me. But I work hard, and you'll earn my respect."

(On what he feels comfortable with and what he will bring to Jacksonville) "You know I feel the most comfortable with staying in Florida, that's huge. Being able to stay close to my family and my own former college. I feel like I bring a lot to Jacksonville. … I feel like I can take out opponents and number one receivers and I plan to do that here."

(On what Jawaan Taylor told him about the culture to sell him on being a Jaguar) "I haven't gotten into too many details about talking to anybody about the team or organization. I have just been working and talking to the teams throughout this whole process and haven't gotten into the details. … No, he told me about what he said to the coaches and didn't tell me anything about Jacksonville, so I plan to learn about that."

(On the growth he thinks he has ahead of him) "Where do I think I have the most growth? I feel like I can work on every aspect of my game and I feel like I'm nowhere near my furthest potential. And I plan to reset in Jacksonville as soon as possible. And I think the coaches in Jacksonville can help me do that."

(On how it feels to land on the Jacksonville Jaguars defense) "Oh it feels great! I hear great things about their defense, and I plan on learning more and adding a few sparks too."

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