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  • Tyler Adelle

Isles Hot Seat: Player Report Card: Scott Mayfield

If we're being honest here, there's not a whole lot to dislike about Scott Mayfield. He's got grit, he's a sound defender, he plays in your face defense, and he's productive, always looking to make the play. With a 13 point season (5 goals, 8 assists), it would be a nice sight to see Mayfield become a little more productive on the blue line as far as the offensive contribution is concerned (maybe around 10 goals and 25-30 assists?). His former linemate Devon Toews and himself had a respectable year together as a pairing, with 41 points and a combined +9, which was good enough to rank them the 19th best 2nd line defensive pairing in the NHL. That's not the best by a long shot, but seeing each player is fairly inexperienced at the NHL level, with Mayfield only becoming a full time NHL defensemen in 2017 and Toews in 2018, that could definitely classify as respectable. What I would hope to see from Mayfield next year is more of an offensive touch to his game. If the Islanders entire blue line can start putting pucks home and creating plays regularly, this team will be very very fun to watch in the coming years.

Grade: B-

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