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  • Tyler Adelle

Isles Hot Seat: Player Report Card: Jordan Eberle

Today, we review the season of Jordan Eberle. He was a Top-5 point producer for the Islanders. With 16 goals and 24 assists, he was able to produce a 40 point season in 58 games, making him not too far from ¾ of a point per game, which isn’t bad by any means. He would go on to carry almost identical numbers into the playoffs, with 5 goals and 9 assists through 22 games. So if there's one good thing to talk about with Eberle, it would definitely be consistency. One thing Eberle should work on is slipping out of his dry spells though. While every player goes cold for a period of time, it seems as if Ebs cold streaks are longer than a normal one should be. It's going to be very exciting to see Eberle's game next season. 

Grade: B-

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