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  • Tyler Adelle

Isles Hot Seat: Player Report Card: Andrew Ladd

Let's just get this one over with.

Andrew Ladd is a bum. Really I can end the article there and probably not get much of an argument about it. But, of the kindness in my heart, I’ll suffer through it. To give Ladd a little bit of credit, he did have a major injury last season. So I can’t knock him too much. But when he does play, he's still a bum. Ladd, as most would probably agree, was overpaid and overvalued from the get-go. Granted in the 4 games he did suit up this season he did score once, it would still be in the best interest to part with Ladd as soon as possible. Perhaps yesterday? With the newest franchise, the Seattle Kraken on the horizon, it's not impossible for Lou to work out a deal to dump the remainder of the Ladd contract off, as many teams had done with the Golden Knights. But only time will tell.

Grade: D-

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