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  • Tyler Adelle

Capitals goaltender Henrik Lundqvist opts out of 2020-21 season

photo credit: (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Former New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist will not play in 2020-21. Despite signing with the Washington Capitals, Lundqvist has recently learned that he has an unspecified heart condition and has chosen to sit out this year. It is unclear whether this will be a career ending condition or not. In an Instagram post, Hank went on to say, “its been determined that a heart condition will prevent me from taking the ice. Together we (Henrik and various specialists) have have decided the risk of playing before remedying my condition is too high, so I will spend the coming months figuring out the best course of action.”

You never want to see this happen to anyone, especially someone with a kind heart such as Henrik's.

The Eastern Observer wishes Lundqvist nothing but the best, as well as a speedy recovery in hopes of returning to the ice.

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