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Chargers' WR KJ Hill Quotes 4.25.20


On the projection of him going high and the excitement of getting his name called:

"It was really hard. Seeing other receivers go before you, but I got my name called and that's the most important thing. On this day, my dream came true. I'm so happy and so blessed."

On being a route-runner:

"It's kind of a coincidence because I used to study [WR] Keenan Allen in college because I tried to mock my route-running after his because I felt like we had kind similar games in that area. I definitely feel like that's the biggest thing in my game, that I'm a route-runner. I feel like that's the biggest thing I could bring to a team."  

On Hall of Fame WR Chris Carter as his mentor:

"He was great. I remember we were on the phone after the season last year, I didn't know what I wanted to do, and he just explained to me,  'Go set my record, man. Go get your name in the record books. Maximize yourself at Ohio State. Maximize yourself as a player.' I took that advice. I stayed in school. I feel like I did that. I'm glad he had a say so in what I did with my career. It's crazy because I broke his record and had records at Ohio State and things they can never take away from me. He was at the combine also. Anything I needed, I was talking to him, asking him questions. He's just a good person to have in my corner."

On his ankle surgery:

"My body is great. I'm healthy. I was working out. In 2016, I had a high ankle sprain. I missed two games the whole season. I was right back to playing and doing everything I could do. It hasn't affected me in three years now. I'm very healthy right now."

On if teams talked with him about his 2016 injury:

"It was never really a story. I went to the combine. I got X-Rays on it, MRIs on it and everything looked great to them, so it never was a big deal."

On if he's ever met WR Keenan Allen and the unique offseason:

"No. I've never met Keenan Allen. The only time I've met him is through film. I watched his film and his route running and stuff like that. With the COVID-19, I can only control what I can control. I try to make the best of this situation as I can. I'm going to be on Zoom calls with coaches, meetings and stuff, studying the playbook,  but also doing my part here by staying in shape and keep perfecting in my craft."

On holding the career receptions record at Ohio State:

"It means a lot. I was blessed — definitely blessed to be named that at a big school like that at Ohio State. There's a lot of receivers that came out of Ohio State and my name being with all those [former Falcons WR] Michael Jenkins, Chris Carter, [Saints WR] Michael Thomas — my name being in that category just makes it — 10 times better to accomplish."

On playing with QB Justin Fields:

"It developed adaptation to a new quarterback. With different quarterbacks comes with different spins on the ball, different touch on the ball, accuracy, all that. Being able to play with a lot of quarterbacks at Ohio State adds to my game of adjusting — being quick to adjust. Just like coming to a new team, I have to adjust to a new quarterback. I feel like that enhances my game and makes me more valuable."

On joining a team that drafted a quarterback in the first round:

"That's a big thing. I'm coming in as a rookie. I'm coming in with a highly-talented quarterback, too. We can definitely get a good connection with us coming in — being rookies and being new to the system. We are going to have to talk to each other. We're going to have to figure things out. We're going to be going down the same path, so I feel like that's a good thing to have."

On joining the Chargers and the receiver depth in the draft:

"That means a lot just being accepted by the players already. That makes you comfortable and want to go to work with them. The draft process was crazy, but it was a great day. To go through this is what you dream about. Being able to get drafted, talk to the different coaches, talk to the GM that's just part of the process. A lot of people don't get to do that. That was a moment I cherished. With the receiver depth, I feel like I'll come in at the position to come and compete for a spot."

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