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Chargers' WR Joe Reed Quotes 4.25.20


On his kick return and receiving abilities:

"The conversations that I've had with the coaches so far has been about a combination of receiver, playing some out of the backfield and returning both punts and kickoffs."

On what his size does to help his game:

"One thing I like to compliment my size with is speed. I feel like the combination of both those things helps me become an overall better football player. Being a bigger guy with the ball in my hands and being able to run fast helps me a lot. Obviously, that helps me a lot when I'm returning kickoffs."

On having similar attributes to WRs Keenan Allen and Mike Williams:

"Sounds like a deadly combination. You know, [I'm] ready to get there and learn from those two guys. I was actually watching some tape on Keenan about a week ago — just seeing what type of player he is. I'm definitely excited to be sharing the same room with them and learning from them going forward."

On if play calls in college were geared toward his size:

"I would definitely shift, and [go through] a lot of motions, lining up in the backfield, lining up behind the tackle, in the slot. You know, I would kind of line up anywhere and go from there."

On if he could be a deep threat:

"Yeah, for sure. Even with my stats, I think I went four years and didn't drop any deep passes. If that's what they have me in the system for, it's something that I'm definitely capable of doing — being a vertical threat."

On the anticipation of being drafted:

"It was stressful as the rounds progressed, but I'm here with my family and my friends. They've been keeping me company, having a good time. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, just thinking about it, but overall, it worked out for me."

On moving across the country to California:

"No, I've never been that far west. I think the furthest that way I've been is like Louisiana or something. I'm definitely excited. I've been telling my friends and my girlfriend that I was trying to go to LA — I'm going to LA. I haven't been there, but I'm ready for the change of scenery and to see what it has in store for me."

On what he brings to the Chargers:

"Showing up, being the guy that's able to break tackles. Being able to use my size and my speed to my advantage, creating tons of mismatches — whether I'm in the slot, or on the outside, or in the backfield. Going forward, I would just work on being fluent, playing faster and just getting ready to play with the big guys."

On what he can learn from Allen and Williams:

"Just how they see the game. Seeing how they can slow the game down, whether it's reading defenses, dissecting coverages, pre-snap reads. I think those are the biggest things going forward that I could use to my advantage. I can learn from those guys."

On his appeal to watching film of Allen:

"Well, I saw a couple of clips on Twitter last week, so I clicked on those clips. I saw a few catches he had made, and just went on YouTube and watched some highlights of him. He's definitely the type of guy I could become in the future when I get to LA."

On his career at Virginia:

"It was just a matter of buying in. Being with a solid group of players, one thing that my class promised each other was that we wanted to leave the program better than how we found it. That's something we took pride in. [Virginia Head] Coach [Bronco] Mendenhall taught us tons of leadership, so we took it upon ourselves to rely on the coaches. Overall, he just did a great job of turning the program around and I'm excited to see where they are going forward. I couldn't leave Charlottesville [Va.] without beating the Hokies."

On the depth of the 2020 wide receiver class:

"Going to the combine, I saw a lot of great players. I met a lot of great players. I knew that the receiver class was really good this year, but when I got to [Indianapolis] and saw them all in person, it became a reality. That didn't really discourage me because I know I'm more than capable of playing with anybody, so I just had to let it happen on its own."

On what kind of person he is outside of football:

"To be honest, I don't say too much. I just go out there and play my game. Other than getting a good ballplayer, you're not getting much out of me."

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