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Buccaneers' RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn Quotes 4.24.20


(On modeling his game after Alvin Kamara and what he does best as a running back)

"As a back I believe I have home run abilities. I can also have that same ability as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. Kind of knowing Tom Brady and knowing the offense – he's been in the league for a long time, he's going to be able to me in the best situations and also my teammates."

(On what he remembers the most from talking with the Buccaneers during the pre-draft process)

"I recently talked to the Bucs like earlier this week, late last week. I mean it's kind of just understanding the plays, talking football, reiterating plays they had just taught me over

the phone call back to them. And kind of getting to know who I am off the field too."

(On what he brings to this offense)

"I'm happy as hell to be a part of this offense, this team, this organization. And then, like I said earlier, I believe that I'm an explosive back too so that's something that will help this offense develop a run game. Then [Tom Brady] can throw the ball based off that. The run and the pass game can work hand-in-hand."

(On how ranks himself in the running back class and his pass-blocking ability on third down)

"I would rank myself the best just based off my two years in the SEC. I know a lot depends on what school you go to and all that stuff plays into this too. I consider myself one of the best just based off numbers. I'm very comfortable with [pass blocking]. Now that I have Tom Brady as my quarterback, I know I have to be even more serious about getting that done and taking that more seriously – knowing who I have on certain plays, making sure my technique is good at all times because that man that's throwing the ball – we need him at all times."

(On how much he has developed as a pass-catcher and how excited he is to play with Tom Brady knowing how much Brady relies on running backs)

"Just far as developing as a pass-catcher, that's something that I had to get natural with. I could always catch, but I wasn't a natural receiver, just based off of high school I ran the ball all the time. In college you've got to get more involved in the pass game, so I've been getting comfortable with my hands. I catch all the time as far as JUGS [machine] and everything. Any extra work getting better as a pass-catcher. I feel that's the best opportunity that I could ask for, as for getting drafted in this class. To be in this situation where you have Tom Brady as your quarterback who loves throwing check down routes. Those could be big-yardage plays that we could capitalize on any moment. Tom Brady is the G.OA.T. If you're playing with one of the best quarterbacks of all time you can't do [anything] but be happy and ready to win some games for him."

(On playing in the SEC and how that will translate in the NFL against top competition)

"With me it's kind of a mindset versus a type of game, and how you really prepare and look at your opponents. I feel like it'll be kind of easy for me to kind of transfer everything from college to football as far as learning the playbook or anything. But mental toughness any of that, really all matters within yourself and how you view your opponents and how you approach the game."

(On if having two years of production in two different Power Five conferences gives him an edge)

"I'd say that is true just because experience is one thing. That's kind of something that separates me too. I'm a fifth-year senior. Some of these guys are third year, fourth year guys. I have more experience on the field and more aware football wise not knowing who is knowledgeable of the playbook or any kind of football talk. I feel like that's something that could separate me, experience. I come from a team who ran an NFL playbook, so that's one thing that would help me out."

(On if he worked as a receiver at Vanderbilt)

"Yeah, this past year. That's when I started doing more empty kind of slant routes, option routes, little stop routes from the 'X' position. That's kind of what it was – option routes and little stops."

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