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Buccaneers' K Matt Gay Quotes 8.30.20


(On how he has felt during training camp and how his confidence is coming into the season)

"Camp has been good. There's been some really good says, some days I would like back. I feel really confident. I spent the offseason fixing some stuff and getting used to it, but with COVID it was tough to get a live snap and hold and get some real [opportunities] and things like that. Just taking the new kicking technique that I'm using and getting used to it with snap and hold, a line in front of you and live [reps]. It's been good. I feel more and more comfortable every day."

(On the new kicking technique he is using)

"Just shorten it up a little bit – simplified some things, less room for error. Some things that are more repeatable [and] more consistent that I can draw on every day, rep after rep. Just getting more used to it [and] getting more and more confident each and every day."

(On Friday's scrimmage and the opportunity to kick inside the stadium)

"It was really good to be back in Raymond James [Stadium]. We've been over there a few times kicking on our own, but nothing like having all the boys there and going live and being able to kick with everything. Especially after that last game of the year, I've been itching to get back in there and get some kicks in there with a live game or scrimmage. It was good to see the ball go through the uprights. It was good to be back there and hit them through."

(On kicking in the south end zone and what makes it more challenging)

"That end is open, so sometimes the wind can swirl in and do some different things. Sometimes you feel like it is going one way and the ball goes the other. I really think it's to the point now where it's just a mental thing. It's more mental than it actually is what's going on with the wind or what's going on with anything because it's known around the league that that endzone is what it is. Being able to go in there and hit a good ball – if you're confident in your good ball, that ball will go through. Make sure you take your line, you trust the line you took and hit a good, solid ball. I think that's the approach for me and not reading too much into what's going on there because I think sometimes you play mind games with yourself and they can take you out, you're doubting the line you took and this and that. Just trusting the line you take and then playing a good ball."

(On the kicking competition in training camp)

"Competition is the baseline of the NFL. Everybody's fighting for a job and if you don't perform, someone's right there ready behind you, ready to take your spot. It's no news to me that guys are in here competing for a shot and they're going to bring competition in. Competition is going to breed success and I think the potential of our team this year is super high, and I think the kicking position is very important. I think, obviously, they're going to look for who they can feel confident going into the season with. If I come in and do my thing and do my part, I feel confident in myself – and take care of what I'm doing – that that will be me going into the season."

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