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Buccaneers' HC Bruce Arians Quotes 4.23.20


(On how he will prepare Tristan Wirfs with the possibility of not having an offseason program)

"I think one thing is not to force it. Let him come along at his pace. I think he's coming from a place that is similar to what we do – set-wise and pass protections, run-wise. He's extremely well-coached, so I think he's ahead of the curve that way. And should allow us to put him in the lineup when we think he's ready. We're not going to throw him out there until he's ready."

(On what he knows about Tristan Wirfs)

"I can honestly say I don't think I've done seen one do the things that he does athletically as far as numbers. On the tape he's a powerful, powerful run-blocker – extremely light-footed. You see everything you're looking for, it's just when is he going to be ready. We did spend a lot of time talking to him. We did virtual interviews. Did everything to get to know him. He's a very, very humble, quiet guy. I really like the guy. I think it's going to be a really good fit."

(On thinking about taking a wide receiver in the first round)

"Not really. We had these four tackles very, very high on our board. I really like some of our young receivers, some of the guys that played at the end of the year – John Franklin and some of those guys – Justin Watson. There's so many receivers in this draft. Later in rounds you're going to find guys that legitimately could be a two or three."

(On getting antsy as tackles started coming off the board)

"Yeah, we were getting a little frustrated but everything worked out extremely well. We didn't have to give up too much to go up and get the flip. We got the guy that we really, really liked."

(On the phone call with Tristan Wirfs)

"Yeah, he's not a real exciteable guy, but I could tell in his voice he was pumped. To have a chance to compete right away and play with the guys that we have. We have a great group in the offensive line room. He's really got a great bond with Joe Gilbert and Harold Goodwin, our offensive line coach. He was excited, really excited."

(On what Rob Gronkowski brings to the locker room)

"Winner, proven winner. Great passion for the game. History of really taking care of his room – making sure if any young player needs help he's going to help them. But a proven winner – a guy that knows what it takes. For he and Tom [Brady] to be together, I think it will be great for our culture."

(On the amount of offensive talent on the team and how he plans to keep everyone happy)

"There's never enough balls to go around. Somebody's lip will be poked out every Monday, but next week we'll get you some balls. I think this group, especially the leader of this group, is all about winning. We haven't had that problem since I've been here. Our guys don't care how many balls they catch. They just want to win."

(On acquiring Rob Gronkowski and how that impacts his feelings towards Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard)

"I like both those guys, and we'll use three tight ends in our sets sometimes. Each and every one has a redeeming quality that helps us win. I think it's a great room. I think Tanner Hudson and [Codey] McElroy – those are young guys too. It's a really strong room. Jordan Leggett too. I don't think anyone has a better tight end room in the league. I love playing tight ends. I know I get this thing that we don't throw to them, but when I had Heath Miller, he went to the Pro Bowl. I think it's just going to upgrade everyone. Competition breeds success."

(On having a fortunate offseason by signing Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, keeping the front seven on defense together and drafting Tristan Wirfs)

"I think I might have switched a little bit. I don't know. We have a few more days to fill some spots on our roster that can really help us improve, and then we knock on wood, stay healthy, and let's go play."

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